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What are the different forms of government that can be seen in the world?


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democracy, communism, oligarchy, autocracy, capitalism

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There were different types of government, as can be seen by observing the political sprectrum, during World War 2. Nazi Germany and Italy had a facist type of government, while governments like Russia's (the Soviet Union) were communist. Britain had a monarchy and democracy government. America and Australia were mainly a democracy

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It isn’t seen as a precedent for future government. The government was well established when it was written.

People choose their own form of government or have it thrust upon them. What is seen as correct in one part of the world does not mean it is fitting in another. There are many forms of government. In the western world we believe that democracy is the most equitable. well to acually answer your question America is 1 of many countries with democratic government some without are VietnAM North Korea Laos Cuba China etc. these countries are communist countries.

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For all practical purposes the United States was the first republican form of government in the modern world. Ancient republics in ancient Rome were nothing like the new federal government. In comparison to the monarchies or other forms of modern governments of the 18th century, the US republic gave Americans rights never seen in the 18th century. The current US Constitution is the oldest one in today's world.

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