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In today's day and age it would take a book to list all of the different biological hazards, their origin, consequences, affect on life forms, in addition to the how's and whens. Nonetheless, here are some biological groupings.

  • Bacteria
  • Micro Organisms
  • Viruses
  • Parasites
  • fungi
The above is only one group. The issues to be concerned with are as follows:
  • Their ability to cause infection ( in otherwise health individuals)
  • The severity of the disease that may result
  • The risk that the infection will spread to the community
  • The availability of effective vaccines and treatment
I'm sure others who have more experience in this area can add on to the above. Viper1
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3 kinds of hazards?

Actually, hazards are generally of four types:physical hazardschemical hazardsbiological hazardsallergenic hazard

Different types of hazard?

There are several types of hazards that include physical hazards, chemical hazards, ergonomic hazards, and biological hazards. Hazards are found in homes, on the road, and in the workplace.

What are the hazards associated with biological contamination of industrial lubricants?

What are the hazards associated with biological contamination of industrial lubricant

What are the types of biological hazards?


Explain the difference between biological and chemical hazards?

Biological hazards can be things such a viruses, bacteria, and parasites that are in your food. Chemical hazards can be cleaning chemicals, perfumes, or lotions that get into your food.

How occupational hazards are classified?

Classifications for occupational hazards include physical hazards, chemical hazards, and biological hazards. Psychosocial hazards and mechanical hazards are the other two classifications.

What are 3 environment health hazards that cause ill health?

There are five different types of environmental health hazards known to cause illness in humans. They are chemical, physical, mechanical, biological, and psychosocial hazards.

What are the 4 biological hazards?

Biological hazards refer to biological substances that pose a threat to the health of living organisms, primarily humans. Four of these are bacteria, viruses, insects, and plants.

What are the different kinds of hazards?

Um, hazards? I guess... Kidnappers Thieves Serial killers People who do phishing (online) Gold Diggers Procrastination Satin Bullies Cliques Gangs

Concern to food establishment of biological hazards?

bacteria virus

Common accident hazards associated with the workplace include?

Types of accident hazards associated with the workplace include biological hazards, chemical hazards, ergonomic hazards, and physical hazards. Common physical hazards include unguarded machinery, loud noise, and spills.

What hazards and risks are there in the laboratory?

There are Physical hazards, which include fires. Chemical hazards caused by burns, poisons, or carcigenic substances. And Biological hazards which can result from the use of specimens and reagent capable of transmitting disease

What kinds of hazards are found in California?

Natural hazards such as forest fire, earthquake, volcano, tsunami.Man made hazards such as automobiles, nuclear plants, aeroplanes, industrial hazards, workplace hazards.

What is a biological hazard that cannot be killed through the cooking process?


What are the kinds of hazards?

fire, poison, hazardous elements

What are the four categories of human environmental hazards?

Cultural, biological, physical, and chemical.

What are the three food hazards you need to protect customers from?

physical, chemical, and biological

How are direct hazards different from indirect hazards?

indirect hazards are hazards that have immediate affect, while direct hazards are hazards that is caused by something else before it affects

Do nurses have a hazardous?

Nurses do have hazards and they are biological, chemical, ergonomic, physical, safety, and psychological

What kind of pollution is affecting the Colorado River?

The different kinds of pollution are Chemical and Radioactive hazards. They are affecting the Colorado River by its transformation of all the different rivers tranforing 1 by 1.

Why are different kinds of plants have different kinds of roots?

why are different kinds of plants have different kinds of roots

What do hazards do?

They cause harm to life,property and environment. In places such as construction work sites, hazards are probable causes of risks to health and safety of all workers that is why departments such as OSHA was created. There are also different kinds of hazards such as environmental hazards - businesses uses environmental management systems nowadays to ensure that they don't do that much damage to the environment whenever they have projects.

What kind of microbes could be used in biological warfare?

All kinds of microbes were experimented with in biological warfare.

Within a confined space what hazards are potentially associated with the presence of raw sewage?

the potential for an oxygen-deficient atmosphere, a flammable atmosphere and biological hazards such as hepatitis, as well

Will different kinds of salt make different kinds of crystals?

Yes. Different kinds of salt can make different kinds of crystals