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Well, crime scene investogator is a job, but you can specialize in certain areas, such as fiber, hair, blood, ballistic, photographic, latent print evidence and more.

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Q: What are the different kinds of jobs crime scene investigators have?
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Do crime scene investigators analyze things?

Crime scene investigators document and analyze information found at crime scenes.

What does CSI mean?

Crime Scene Investigation orCrime Scene Investigators

What is the most interesting thing about crime scenes and crime scene investigators?

A criminal always leaves DNA in the crime scene, and recovering evidence such as fingerprints and DNA is the most interesting thing about crime scenes and crime scene investigators. Forensic investigators can recreate a crime scene using evidence and crime simulation programs.

What is the crime scene investigators role?

The Crime Scene Investigators role is to assess the scene and prioritize the search. He/She has to look for and collect evidence, photograph the scene, evidence, and/or body.

Investigators make these at a crime scene?


Who collects evidence at crime scenes in RI?

Crime Scene Investigators!!

Where do Crime Scene Investigators work?

Mostly on the TV.

What do investigators collect in a crime scene?

evidence of who done did it

Do you need to be a police officer before becoming a Crime Scene Investigator?

NO YOU DO NOT!!!!!!! Crime Scene Investigators are usually civilian employees, and are not sworn. Crime Scene Investigators only collect physical evidence, package it and then submit it for storage. Crime Scene Investigators do not pursue the bad guy, do not interview people and don't carry weapons. Detectives handle catching the bad guy.

How are some ways that crime scene investigators identify victims and criminals?

The crime scene investigators use the biotechnology and genetis technology for solving their case. They collect every sample from the crime scene and perform the laboratory tests on it which gives them clue about what would have happened on the crime scene and then DNA and the fingerprints are used to prove the identity of the person associated with crime scene

How many crime scene investigators are there employed in the US?


What promotinal opportunities can you get from being a crime scene investigators?


What are the three main investigators in a crime scene investigation?

In a crime scene there can be many different members of law enforcement, including investigators. In many metropolitan areas there are CSI Teams, which thoroughly investigate crimes and these teams include a detective, prosecutor and supporting teams and associates.

Is the job business of crime scene investigators growing or slowing?


Do Crime Scene Investigators use Chromatography?

Yes, usually Gaschromatography.

What type of evidence do crime scene investigators look for?

Anything out of place.

What are csi?

CSI's are crime scene investigators they photograph crime scenes and pick up potential evidence.

What is an beginning income of crime scene investigators?

1,000$ is how much a csi paid

Do real life crime scene investigators carry guns?

It depends on their jurisdiction.

Which police personnel is trained in specific forensic techniques?

crime scene investigators

What is a good thesis statement for an MLA paper about Crime Scene Investigators?


How do you write an introductory paragraph on crime scene investigators?

bolbol mong malaki

What laws should law enforcement and crime scene investigators follow?

All of them.

What major should you get to become a crime scene investigator?

Those interested in becoming crime scene investigators should have strong mathematical and science backgrounds. A degree in forensic science will prepare investigators for careers in their chosen field.

What is the average salary for a crime scene investigator in Alabama?

In Alabama, a crime scene investigator can expect to have a salary of an average of about 53,000 dollars. Most crime scene investigators work for either the state or municipalities.