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The Arabic word Jihad literally means struggle. This term, especially in Islam, is applied to the struggle or work done in the way of Almighty Allah (God). Unfortunately, this word is confused with the word Qitaal that means Armed fight against enemies of Almighty Allah. The greatest Jihad is against one's own self, one's wicked passions, lust, selfishness etc. An armed fight is the last resort which not only the Muslims but also the other nations/religious followers adopt when their existence is in danger. Islam is a peace loving religion. It does not aim at killing any innocent human being.

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Jihad is a tenet of Islam and a religious duty to strive in the way of God. There are two general ways to do this, the Greater Jihad and the Lesser Jihad.

The Greater Jihad is an introspective journey to conquer your internal demons and follow the Divine Laws more closely than previously; this kind of jihad should be entirely peaceful.

The Lesser Jihad refers to conflicts and confrontations between Muslims and Non-Muslims or other Muslims, which often erupt in war, but can also be performed through non-violent protests, debate, and advocacy. It is the Lesser Jihad which is often cast as a Holy War.

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Q: What are the different meanings of jihad?
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