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What are the different models of communication?

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Models of communication to be effective must include feedback. There are internal and external models of communication. Even though there are many variations the basic communication model is most popular.

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What are communication models for urban communication?

There are different communication models for urban communication. Some of the popular ones include mobile phones, telephone switchboards, emails social networks and so much more.

What are models called used to communicate with people?

models communication are conceptual models used to explain the human communication process.

Is the oldest and most simplistic of the models of human communication?

The oldest and most simplistic of the models of human communication process is communication as action.

Models of speech communication?

What are the types and model of communication?

There are so many different types and models of communication. The most common include Aristotle's Model, Shannon-Weaver model, modern communication model and Thayer's model among others.

What are the tenets of communication models?

The tenets of the communication models is to ensure that information has been passed to the right recipient with no distortion. Examples of the communication models includes the sender-receiver model, the linear model, and the interactional model just but to mention a few.

What are different means of communication?

there are many different means of communication.. such as

What is the special sinificance of the second phase of communication model building?

improvements made in the second phase of communication models

Models of communication view communication as flowing only in one direction from sender to receiver?

Party Political Broadcasts

What is the use of 3d printers?

To create physical models/prototypes. These models are used to aid in communication and find design flaws.

What are the problems of communication in different languages?

There are many problems of communication in different languages. Interpretations, inflection and meaning of words can be lost in communication of different languages.

What are different data communication codes?

what is the different types of communication codes explain with details

How corporate communication is different from general communication?

elaborate corporate communication with diagrams

How is Mathematical concepts used in communication?

I DON'T KNOW HOW IS MATHEMATICAL CONCEPTS USED I COMMUNICATIONmath models are evolved to get theoretical results

What are the different models of health?

The religious, humanistic and transpersonal models could be considered as health models.

How is an expository essay different from a business communication?

Answering "How is an expository essay different from a business communication?"

How many different models are there of the atom?

There are three different models: The Rutherford Model ,The Bohr Model ,The Cloud Model. We use the Bohr Models or that is what is taught at school.

How many different models of the Oldsmobile Alero are there?

There are three different models of the Oldsmobile Alero; the GX, the Gl, and the GLX

Different ways in which mass communication has an impact on the socialization of young people?

different ways of mass communication?

What are the roles communication played in the different forms of relationships?

The roles of communication played in the different forms of relationships is to realize effective communication and positive relationships.

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What is intradepartmental communication?

Communication within a department. As opposed to Inter-department communication, which is one department communication with another department within an organization. This happens far less than it should for the same kinds of reasons people have difficulty communication: different goals, different points of view, different expectations, and even different vocabulary/acronyms.

How many different models are there?

Casio currently has 6 different models of digital cameras for sale in the US. You can see their current models on their website at

Ten definition of communication?

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Different between speech and oral communication?

Speech is oral communication.