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Q: What are the different moves in basketball?
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What are different basic movements in basketball?

There are many different basic moves in basketball. Some include dribbling, posting up, passing, lay ups, up and unders and shooting.

What moves are there in basketball?

the are too many moves in basketball to list but all moves fall into these categories: crossover, hesitations, and drives. (this doesn't include finishing moves)

What are some famous basketball moves?

If you dont know any famous basketball moves go to and there you will see some very tite moves!!!

What are the basic moves in basketball?

A crossover.

What are the basketball moves that Kobe uses in the game?

Some of the basketball moves that Kobe Bryant uses when he plays basketball include moves like driving, faking, and fading away as a quick combo, or simple dribbling around people.

What are the best dribbling moves for a guard in basketball?

crossover everytime

How do you do Kobe Bryant basketball trick?

There is no 'Kobe Bryant basketball trick' but does a variety of signature moves if that is what you mean, h

Why balance in basketball?

It helps you stay on your toes when you do crossovers and soon moves

Why is basketball more popular then volleyball?

Well basketball has more possibilities it can end with different things like a jump shot, dunk, lay-up etc. There are more moves in basketball as well than volleyball. Also basketball has more fans nad there is half-time shows and many more things you can get like prizes etc.

What are the different types of basketball games?

Street Basketball and International basketball and much more

Each planet moves in a different orbit and at a different?

Each planet moves in a different orbit, at a different average distance from the sun, and at a different speed.

Who invented basketball and how is it different?

James Naismith invented basketball.

What are the differences of new basketball and old basketball?

the jerseys are different

How has basketball been adapted for different contexts?

Basketball has been adapted in a number of different ways for different contexts. For example basketball has been adapted to be played by people who are wheelchair bound.

In basketball What do you call the foul when a person moves without dribbling the ball?


What is the size of a basketball ring?

ANSWER 18 inches in diameter ANSWER 18 inches in diameter, but really it just depends if it is NBA basketball, collage or a different type of basketball, some basketball rings are different.

Does the basketball touch the ground?

the basketball sport is actually with the ball rebounding in the ground while the player moves. So ti does touches the ground.

How many moves are there in basketball?

I'm assuming you are talking about offensive moves. This is a bit like asking how many ways there are to play the guitar. There are hundreds of moves, each with multiple variations, resulting in an almost infinite amount of moves.

How is basketball and baseball different?

Different balls used.

What is Kobe best known for in basketball?

his creative moves and ability to shoot over superstars.

How do you make moves work in basketball?

The only way to make moves work is practice them and not wing it like people do because it will end up bad .

How is a basketball similar to the earth?

They are both round and they are different because a basketball can get soft after

Is a triple threat an idiom?

No, because you can figure it out by the context. It's actually a basketball term, for a stance where you can make any of three different moves instead of just one. See the link for more.

How are a soccer ball and a basketball different?

different colors, different weights, different sizes

Are basketball shoe sizes different?