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Names of the shapes? Every manufacture calls a shape something different.

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Q: What are the different names of swimming pool?
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depends on the swimming pool. they are all different sizes

How much water is in a swimming pool?

I depends on what type of pool your are swimming at. Like if one pool you are swimming at is 12 feet and a different pool is 5 feet the is going to be more water is the 12 foot swimming pool.It depends on the size of the pool.

How many meters is a swimming pool?

Every swimming pool in the world is different. So there is never an exact answer to this question.

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All swim clubs are different. Please check with your local pool.

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All swim clubs are different. Please check with your local pool.

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How is water in the swimmimg pool different from earth interior

What is the pitch in swimming?

a swimming pool a swimming pool

Capacity of swimming pool?

All pools are different. Please check with your local pool.

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Swimming pool paints are available in any pool stores. There are different brands, and features of swimming pool paints depending on your needs. I can suggest you sites here in the net where you can find cheap and high quality pool paints:

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Size of an Olympic swimming pool is very huge. It is used to held different swimming sports. Roughly it is the size of 88,000 cubic meter.

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'Swimming Pool', sometimes shortened to 'Pool'.

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