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What are the different toothbrushing techniques?


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along with brushing twice a day you must also floss to get between those tight teeth where all the plaque is hiding. there are no real techniques you just brush for two minutes twice a day as well as floss.

I am a dental professional and the only technique to effectively clean all plaque from your mouth daily is to brush twice daily for two minutes each time. Making sure to get each surface (cheek side, tongue side, and biting surface) with a small circular motion. Be sure to focus on the gumline by attempting to massage the 2mm area in between the tooth and gums. This paired with daily flossing (that's right, flossing is ESSENTIAL and not negotiable) in order to get the plaque from in between the teeth that is literally impossible to clean off with a toothbrush should keep the cavities away. Be sure that your toothbrush is relatively small, and ALWAYS use a SOFT BRISTLED one. Although electric toothbrushes have been proven in studies to not be quite as effective, I highly recommend it to children who don't think brushing is much fun. You'd be amazed at how much more fun and easy it is for children or the elderly with limited manual dexterity.


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There are many different brushing techniques that are accepted. Brushing also strongly depends on the person's physical ability to reach all the areas of the mouth that need to be accessed. You can search these techniques: For BRACES - Charter's technique For inflamed gums - The Rolling Stroke technique For sulcular cleaning - The Bass technique It is a personal choice and solely depends on the person's dexterity, motivation and individual needs. Try googling the TOOTHBRUSHING METHODS and you will definitely come up with something that suits your needs. =) Good Luck, keep those pearls shining

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