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You can read detailed info at health.howstuffworks or allergy-central but my own personal reaction might be useful. I have a severe shellfish allergy that didn't begin until I was about 14. Until then I had minor problems after eating shrimp but now if I had the slightest exposure I suffer from anaphylaxis. My lips tingle and swell up first, this is usually my first warning sign and I have to immediately take Benadryl. I take the childrens elixir since it seems to work much faster. Then my heart speeds up and I have increased difficulty in breathing. The first time this occurred I nearly died since no one knew what was happening or why. Like I said, I'd eaten shellfish all my life without any problems like this. Eventually my breathing was resticted to a tiny space about the size of a dime and it was quite frightening. Now I carry benadryl or a generic equivalent with me in my backpack and car since I never know when someone will use lobster or crab juice as a seasoning without telling me. I tend to perspire when this happens but that might be more due to nerves than to any specific response to the allergy.

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Q: What are the different types of anaphylactic reactions?
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No, but you can die of anaphylactic shock, brought on by severe allergic reactions.

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Severe allergic reactions can cause anaphylactic shock. You should go to an emergency room immediately.

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What are the allergic reactions to amoxicillin in infants?

An allergic reaction can be hives or even a severe reaction such as anaphylactic shock. If you have any concerns regarding the medication you are on or the symptoms you may be having call your doctor immediatly. Severe allergic reactions can cause death.

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