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Organic and inorganic


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Yes, all the compounds contain different types of atoms.

Compounds are made of atoms, might be of the same element or even different.

All the compounds have at least two different types of atoms, they have mass and volume.

Compounds are chemical substances that is formed when two or more different types of elements join together.

Well depends what you mean by how many different types of compounds. In total? Or type 1 , and 2 etc. there is Type 1-Binary Compounds Type 2- Binary Trans-metallic Compounds Type 3- Binary Molecular Compounds Type 4- Ternary Compounds etc. these contains vast amounts of compounds so gives you an idea.

An element is composed of only one type of atom. Compounds are composed of different types of atoms (different elements) that are chemically combined.

No. There are many different types of acid, all of which are compounds.

hydrocarbons (arenes), alkanes, alkenes, cycloalkanes and alkyne-based compounds are different types of hydrocarbons.

There are many different types of plastic, with many different chemical compounds, but none contain minerals.

Mud is a mixture. It contains different types of elements. There can be different compounds too.

Compounds which are not ionic are commonly not electrolytes. An ionic compound is a compound composed of a metal and a nonmetal, such as NaCl or AgI. Compounds with different compositions are not electrolytes.

Different bacteria get their energy from different sources. There are three main types in bacterial metabolism: Phototrophs - get energy from sunlight Lithotrophs - get energy from inorganic compounds Organotrophs - get energy from organic compounds (compounds containing Carbon)

yes, because compounds can be combined in different ways, (i.e. heat), certain elements or compounds react to different types of bonding.

Element is all the same atom types. Compounds have different elements in them and different atoms.

They are chemical compounds. They are dangerous compounds. They are corrosive compounds.

Red paint is made by mxing different types of elements and compounds. So it it not an element. It is a mixture of compounds.

how are compounds and elements different?

It consists primarily of carbon, but contains other elements. There are different types of coal, which have different compounds. See link.

Because the elements can combine to form a multitiude of different compounds.

Yes, they are made up of at least two different compounds. For example, H2O is water, two atoms of hydrogen, one of oxygen.

Cooking oils contain different types of liquid fats.

Acid is a category of compounds. However, there are many different types of acids, each one is a different compound.

As there are many types of oil, and because each type of oil contains a number of different compounds within it, different oils burn at different temperatures.

organic compounds contain carbon atoms.the four main types of organic compouds areCarbohydrateslipidsproteinsnucleic acids

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