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Valentine cards many years ago use to come in the form of love notes from the man. Women NEVER sent a note to the man. Once the tradition became Westernized the Valentine Card came into play. During the 1800s right up to the mid 1900s the Valentine's cards would usually have lace decorating the main part of the card and always a red heart. There were other designs of course, but the lace was the main attraction.

Today Valentine cards can be anything you want. If you aren't artistic then go to a specialty store that sells cards so you can buy something different or get it off the web. If your wife or girlfriend is old-fashioned then get an old-fashion card, but if they are more modern get something simple on the front of the card and you can even get a nice card that is blank inside and write your own message. If you are fortunate enough to have some artistic talent then go on the web and find different designs and perhaps use some of these designs and change it a little and do it by hand. There are many craft shops that carry all the materials you need to make your own cards.

You could have a card where two people are kissing, hugging, walking hand-in-hand along the beach, etc. Be sure there is a heart either on the outside or inside or otherwise it won't be distinctive enough.

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