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Horse faces can be described as:

* dish faced (concave along the top of the skull from above the muzzle to below the forehead when viewed from the side) * roman (convex along the top of the skull from above the muzzle to below the forehead when viewed from the side)

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What different types of horse bridles?

there are many different types

How do you choose a bridle for your horse?

Different disciplines suggest different types, how much you need to control your horse, and how your horse will be used.

What is a horse like?

A horse is different colour and has different types of horses like the red bay and lots/may more different types of horses. A horse has a tail, a mane, ears, nose, mouth, and a body.

What are the different types of winter jackets?

There are north faces and colombia jackets :)

What are the different types of colic and their symptoms?

There are many different types of colic and their symptoms based on the animal. Colic in a horse is different than in a human.

How do horse get their food?

own horse you feed it and eats grass in field and wild horse eat grass and different types of plants

What are the different types of pie fillings?

baboypie horse pie. :) spiepie :)

What is the difference between an American Saddle Horse and a Tennessee Walking Horse?

the two types of horses have different gates. A gate is the speed of a horse.

Are all horse breeds the same?

No, they are all different. They have different conformation, different strenghts and weaknesses, different uses, etc. no there are all different types eg dartmoor, new forest, thouroghbred(race horse.)........

What are three different types of horseshoes?

There are only two different kinds. Just ask any horse.

Pyramid how many faces edges and corners?

There are lots of different types of pyramids but a square based pyramid has 5 faces, 5 corners and 8 edges

What types of faces does the dodecahedron have?

A dodecahedron has twelve pentagonal faces.

What are the different types of griffins?

The different types of griffins i know are the griffin (eagle/lion) and the hippogriff (horse/hawk or eagle). There might be more, but these are the ones i am familiar with.

What are the different types of horse racing?

In the UK there are only two types of horse racing: Flat racing - Races with no obstacles National Hunt Racing - Races with either hurdles or steeplechases to jump.

How do you make a horse carriage?

This website has several books and plans on on how to build different types of horse drawn wagons and coaches. (see link)

Is an appalosa horse often mistaken for anything?

Some times an appaloosa is mistaken with a dappled horse. Also there are lots of different types of appaloosas.

How many different types of purslane is there?

I don't know all the different types but there is red purslane, golden purslane, portulaca purslane, and horse purslane. These are just a few that I know of.

What are 3 different types of horse shoes?

racing shoe, concave shoe and road shoe

What are the most common types of horse shoes?

There are many different types of horse shoes and the popularity of a particular shoe depends on what the horses are being used for. For example iron shoes are used when a horse needs a strong long lasting horse shoe. Aluminum or newer plastic shoes are used when a lighter shoe may provide an advantage such as racing. Since there is such a large variety of different types it is difficult to say which is most common.

What types of bedding can you get for a horse?

There are several different types of bedding for horses. Straw, which is best for a foaling stall. Shavings as long as they are pine or fir. Rice hulls make great bedding for horse stalls.

How many types and number of faces a cuboid have?

A cuboid has 6 faces that are rectangles.

What is the many faces of religion?

It means religion comes in all different types and forms; that you don't have to worship in one way, there are many ways and different beliefs.

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