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What are the different types of lightning rods?


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Different types of lightnign rods are crappy ones and good ones. Thecrappy ones don't work very well but th goods ones do. anyway your probably old and should have learnt this in school. I like chez mcdonals and cheese. Did you know cheese comes in 800 different colours. Winkipop 4 life! duuuuuuuuude.


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There are different types of lightning depending on how the lightning reflects off the clouds. There is normal lightning, sheet lightning, heat lightning, ball lightning, red sprite lightning, and blue jet lightning.

there are around 21 different types of lightning

Lightning rods are attached to a wire that on the other side is attached to a ground rod and since lightning rods are metallic they will conduct the electricity through the wire which protects the house from lightning.

they work by getting lightning to zap them

there are different types of lightning for an example there is storms and sorts of speeches used!::))

there are there are thunder storms

Benjamin Frankiln. To protect buildings from lightning

There are a variety of rods, such as curtain rods, lightning rods, stirring rods, etc. They are generally made from metal or wood, but stirring rods can be made of glass or plastic.

On top of the house or building.

Lightning rods are used to direct the force of the strike safely as possible and in a direct line as possible to ground. This direct path usually saves surrounding structures from damage.

Lightning rods attract electrical energy because they are placed high up above a building. If lightning strikes, the rod will absorb the electric energy saving the house from being struck.

They are used as a 'distraction' for the lightning (since they are metal) and could save your house =D

lightning rods help you because of the metal in the rod

lightning will strike the highest point above ground

Lightning is attracted to metal rods or anything above ground level.

a company to make lightning rods

by grounding electrical energy

For a lightning conductor, we need an electrical conductor, so the iron would be superior.

If the building has lightning rods, probably nothing, as the lightning will follow a path to the ground. If lightning strikes any building without lightning rods or some other method of grounding the lightning, the activity of the lightning would be pretty much unpredictable. It could do nothing, or it could cause a lot of damage, including fire, and injury to the people inside and outside.

Ben Franklin created The Lightning Rod after his other kite-in-a-lightning-storm experiment.

Benjerman Franklin, if memory serves me right.

1.lightning rods helps prevent lightning from striking 2.helps the lightning strike the ground quicker and safer.

Tall buildings are more likely targets for lightning strikes. Therefore, it is in the best interest of the owners to have lightning conductors or rods.

The original lightning rods were heavy iron, and their wires were often damaged by strikes. Modern lightning rods and surge arresters use lighter materials, but these are designed to withstand the high temperatures caused by the electric discharge.

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