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What are the different types of miscarriages?

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January 06, 2008 10:58AM

There aref our types of miscarriages.

1.) Threatened miscarriage- Bleeding with a threatened miscarriage is light and you may spot on and off for a few days. Typically, the pain is not severe with a threatened miscarriage. Losing the baby is not inevitable and your cervix remains closed. An ultrasound can determine what is happening and a blood test will determine your HcG levels.

2.) Inevitable miscarriage- Bleeding will continue with an inevitable miscarriage. Because your body is going to expel the pregnancy, you are having contractions and you might experience low back pain and abdominal cramping. Your practitioner will give you an exam, and you will begin to dilate. At this point, a miscarriage will probably happen within twenty-four hours. A spontaneous abortion is when you are passing clots and experiencing pain. In a complete and spontaneous miscarriage, all of the placental and fetal tissue is expelled from your uterus. Some doctors will want you to save the placenta and fetus in a container so that it can be examined. Doctors will try to figure out what went wrong with the pregnancy and make sure it does not happen again. If the miscarriage was complete, your bleeding and pain will stop and you will feel fine in a few days. Your uterus will contract back to its prepregnant size and shape.

3.) Imcomplete abortion-You have experienced a miscarriage and with an incomplete abortion, your body has expelled most of the placenta and fetus but not all. Hemorrhaging is a possibility because your uterus will not be able to contract to stop the bleeding. Your doctor will order a dilation and curretage-D&C. During the D&C, your cervix is widened and the remaining tissue is scraped or sucked out.

4.) Missed abortion- Occasionally, the fetus will die early on in the pregnancy and remain in the uterus. During a missed abortion, you will not experience any pain or bleeding, but you will start to feel that something is not right. Your symptoms of pregnancy may decrease or go away completely. Even though the fetus and placenta are still in the uterus, your HcG levels have dropped. An ultrasound will confirm that the baby has stopped developing and you will be sent for a D&C.