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What are the different types of modems?

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These modems are in use now.

Modem Who uses it Provided by

Cable: Cable Provider: Time Warner's Road Runner/Adelphia

DSL: Phone Company: SBCYahoo/BellSouth

56k: Dial up: AOL/NetZERO


Of the top of my head:
Standard telephony modems, from 200 baud to 56k
ISDN, at about 122k or so
DSL, Cable, Satellite, Powerline...there are probably also a lot of subtypes that I've Never Heard Of.

T1 and T3 are both examples of high-speed telephone lines. Both of them may be used to provide broadband internet access. Technically, a T1 connection is a fiber-optic or copper line that is separate from the regular phone line. However, the T1 line can be used for both broadband Internet access in addition to phone purposes.

T1 and T3 lines are commonly used by businesses because they offer very fast data transfer rates. This is appealing to businesses that need to transfer large amounts of data each day. Additionally, T lines provide very reliable forms of Internet access, with "always on" capability and very few incidences of lost Internet connections. In terms of speed, T1 lines operate at 1.5 Mbps, and T3 lines operate at 44.6 Mbps. In other words, T3 lines are about 30 times faster than T1. These high speeds are very useful for heavy Internet traffic situations as well as for situations in which a network must be accessed by a larger number of users. A T1 line operating at full capacity can accommodate up to 24 users working at 64 Kbps.

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How many different types of cable modems are there?

There are many different types of cable modems but the all do the same thing. Just make sure you get a high quality cable modem

What are three different types of digital modems?

There are ISDN, DSL and Cable

Looking for a modem gender changer for old styles modems?

There are currently no adapters to change the gender of a modem. This is due to the way the different modems process the different types of data.

What different types of wireless modems are available?

There are many types of wireless modems available. First part is the standard which is described as b,g,or n on the router. Then there is dual band and single band.

Three different types of modems?

master modem recontiled modem segripetal; modem

How many types of land line modem are there?

There are several types of land line modems that have been created over the years. Some of the more dated modems were soft modems as well as dial up modems.

What modem does broadband internet access use?

Broadband internet access use many different types of modems, but most modems tend to accomplish internet access, and therefore almost all modems work to your advantage.

What are two types of modem?

Modems come in two varieties :Internal modems are the modems that are fixed within the computer.External modems are the modems that are connected externally to a computer as other peripherals are connected.

What types of modems are there?

There are 3 types of modems, their is theCable ModemDSL ModemDial Up Modem (inside older computers)

What did Dennis c Hayes invent?

He invented the P.C. Modem In 1977. There are many types of PC Modems and they all do different types of things.

How many types of modems are there?

two types, internal & external modem.

How many types of land line modem?

Soft modems and dial up modems are some of the more dated modems that were created. They are considered to be land line modems since they used wired connections and ports.

What was used to make the fax machine?

A fax machine is made of a combination of a printer, a scanner, and a modem/phone connection. Each of these can be made up of different materials depending on the technology used - there are different types of printers, different types of scanners, and different types of modems. Most of them, however, a combination of different types of metal and plastic.

What are the types of riser cards used with modems?

ACR, AMR, and CMR.

What are The three major types of digital modems?

ISDN,DSL and Cable

What cellular service options are available for computer modems?

Many cellular companies make modems for computers, they are usually cards or USB peripherals. Verizon, AT&T and Cricket all offer these types of modems for your laptop or desktop computer.

3 types of modems based on the type of internet connection?

typs of modem

What are cellular modems used for?

There are three types of cellular modems - cell phones, aircards, and cellular routers. All three of these have the same purpose which is to connect a computer to the internet.

What are the two forms of modems?

The two forms of modems are dial-up modems and private line modems

What are the different networking devices?

Modems, routers, HUB's, switches, and wireless adapters.

Different types of modems?

Since this was posted under Cable Modems, I'm assuming that you are asking about the (Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) cable modem which allows different cable companies and different cable modem manufactures all to adhere to a uniform set of protocols and modulation schemes to allow for inter and intra market competition. Go to Wikipedia and search DOCSIS for more information if that truly was your question.

What is the different range between the modems of different makers of the modems?

The difference between different brands of modems is that some makers aim for a different market group. Some brands aim for the average user, these are usually very simple to set up but the user can not change most settings. Some brands aim for the business group of users and in those models you are able to change and adjust all setting according to your business needs.

Are cable modems usually connected to a serial port?

Yes and no. They are often connected to network controller cards. However, many do connect to USB sockets too. Most cable modems have cables for both types of sockets.

Where can one find info on wireless modems?

You can find many different models and brands of wireless modems on Here, you can see all the different price options as well. For more general information, check

Are Cable, DSL or Wireless Modems the fastest?

Cable modems are usually the fastest.