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Cleveland Bay


Connemara Pony

Dales Pony

Dartmoor Pony

Eriskay Pony

Exmoor Pony

Fell Pony

Hackney - a cousin to the hackney

Hackney Pony - commonly found dead due to haucking lugies

Highland Pony

Irish Draught

New Forest Pony

Shetland Pony


Suffolk Punch


Welsh Ponies - sec a , b , c , d , e

there are loads more than that! But it is pretty sad because they die do to the shitiest things ever like haucking lugies or triping over themselves

you will have to look it on Google

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Q: What are the different types of pony?
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What is the color pony?

there are many different colors of a pony

What is the difference between dartmoor pony and exmoor pony?

they look different and are different breeds!!

How much does a FurReal pony cost?

FurReal pony costs from fifteen to two hundred dollars. The price is different for different FurReal pony designs and sizes. FurReal pony is a popular toy.

What types of ponies are there?

There is loads of different types of pony. if i went through them all i would be here all day. but the smallest one is called a fallabella and the biggest is called a clydesdale. and a horse that is over 14.hh is officially a horse but if under 14.hh it is then called a pony.

How many Welsh sections are there?

I assume you mean what different types of welsh ponies there are. There are 4 sections, the Section A (Welsh Mountain pony), Section B (Welsh Pony) Section C, (Welsh Pony of Cob Type) and Section D, (Welsh Cob.) Hope this helped!

Are there mini games on Club Pony Pals?

Yes, there are many minigames on Club Pony Pals. They are in different places around the virtual town, but specific minigames are always in the same places. Types of games include maths (Add Like Mad, Subtraction Action, Multiplication Station), pony general knowledge (Pony Wordscramble, Label the Pony Parts), logic (Bad Apple) and typing (Pony Pal Derby).

Is the mare in the moon nightmare moon?

Yes. Same pony, different names.

Is pony the young one of horse?

no. Pony and Horse are 2 different kinds of horses.

How many inches is a pony before its a horse?

A horse and a Pony, are two different things. A pony is a look a like too a horse but smaller, but isn't a horse it's a Pony. A horse is a lot bigger and is a different but similar animal.

How many types of Welsh pony's are there?

Four.Welsh Cob sec. AWelsh Cob sec. BWelsh Mountain Pony sec. AWelsh Mountain Pony sec. B.

Different types of horses?

Arabian Thorobred Quarter Horse Morgan Saddlebred Pinto/Paint Shetland Pony Welsh Pony Pony of the Americas Appaloosa Barb Lusitano Akhal-Teke Lipizzaner Don Hackney Stanardbred Fresian Mustang Shire Clydestale Cob Warmblood Halflinger

Is 14.3hh a horse or a pony?

Different organizations and breeds use different measurements to classify a pony, however 14.2h is usually the cut-off point for a pony classification. 14.3hh is clased as a horse

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