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The most basic and frequent stitches used are the single needle stitch, the overlock stitch and the cover stitch.

In my sewing, I most often use the prick stitch, whip stitch, and running stitch.

2013-01-14 15:45:43
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What are the different types of stitches used in sewing machines?

straight ------------- zigzag /\/\/\/\/\/\/\ stretch

What are the different types of hand stiching used in sewing?

There are many different types of hand stitching used in sewing such as tacking, blanket stitch and hemstitch. Other types of hand stitches include chain stitch, cross-stitch, darning stitch, embroidery stitch and a running stitch.

What tool do you unpick sewing stitches with?

A seam ripper is used to remove, or unpick, sewing stitches.

What are the different types of indian stitches?

There are several different types of Indian stitches. Some of the stitches that are often used is the running stitch that is used in Kantha embroidery, the chain stitch used in Zardozi embroidery, and the buttonhole stitch used in Chikankari embroidery.

What is the stitch count?

This means how many stitches per inch. For example, in sewing on a machine the usual # of stitches per inch is 8 - 10 for normal sewing, 6 stitches for basting. On crocheting and knitting an actual pattern will tell you how many stitches per inch is used.

What are temporary stitches in sewing?

Temporary stitches are called basting stitches. They are long stitches that are used to hold pieces together until they are sewn, and can be easily removed once the piece is sewn together.

Photos of different kinds of sewing machine stitches?

There are different kinds of stitches based on the requirement. Also the needle type and the needle sizes differ. The type of sewing machine used also determines the stitch type. Some of the stitch types are lock stitch, over lock, zigzag log,chain stitch, blind stitch. You may visit the web sites to get more info. One of them is beissel needles.

What is used to adjust size of stitches from long to short on a sewing machine?

hand wheel

What are temporary stitches in sewing used for?

Temporary stitches are used for holding seams steady for final machine stitching and for holding hems in place for final stitches.By Deborah Anthony

What needles are used in sewing?

There are many different kinds of needles used in sewing, depending on the kind of work you want. You can find needles for sail making, needlepoint, embroidery, quilting, and most other types of sewing.

What were sewing machines used for?

Sewing machines are used for making any types of dresses and repairs dresses

What is the bobbin used for in the sewing machine?

The typical home sewing machine requires two threads to make stitches. The bobbin holds thread that is caught up from beneath the fabric.

Who invented stitches?

I have to guess--Nobody. Stitches were used from the earliest days as an adaptation from cloth and animal skin sewing. The jaws of ants were applied to wounds too. This is nearly the same as staples.

Why do people use sewing machines instead of by hand?

Sewing machines are used rather than hand sewing for several reasons. It's faster, creates more consistent stitches, creates a stronger stitch, and makes sewing much easier on the hands.

What is an embroidery stitch?

An embroidery stitch is one of the many different styles of stitches that are used to decorate a fabric. Some embroidery is used to trim items of clothing, and sometimes an entire surface of fabric, such as a blanket, is covered by embroidery. The main difference between sewing and embroidery is that embroidery is used for decorations, and sewing is used to join pieces together.

What stitches are mainly used with the sewing machine?

The main stitch used is the straight stitch. You will do the majority of sewing with this one. The zig-zag is probably the next most-used one. With a few exceptions, most of the rest of the stitches are more for decorating. Don't be fooled by the "eye candy" on some of the new machines. If you are not a hard-core sewing enthusiast, a simple machine that offers straight, zig-zag, and reverse, is a great starting point.

What are the different marking aids in sewing?

Tailor's tacks, which are marker stitches Tailor's chalk, which makes chalk marks Chalk paper, which is used in a similar way to carbon paper but uses chalk dust to mark

What is a sewing machine?

A sewing machine is a machine which does all the stitches automatically, so it's easier and quicker then hand stitching A sewing machine is a textile machine used to stitch fabric, cards and other material together with thread. A sewing machine is an alternative to hand sewing. It is so much faster and much easier, and not that expensive.

What is the purpose of stitches on a baseball?

The stitches on a baseball are used to help the pitcher grip the baseball. The stitches also allow the pitcher to throw different pitches, (Curveball, knuckleball etc.)

After circumcision does the doctor use staples stitches or both?

Different doctors use different methods. The staples or stitches used can either dissolve or be removed after the penis is healed.

What is the light on the sewing machine used for?

The bulb on the sewing machine is simply for an extra boost of light. Because sewing involves small details - needles, thread, stitches, fine edges, etc. - a small lamp is focused on the work area to help you better see the stitching.

How do say sewing in different languages?

In Spanish, sewing is 'coser'. In French, the word used is 'couture'. In German, the word sewing is 'Nahen'. In Italian, they say 'cucire'.

When and where are decorative stitches used?

Why are we learning bout stitches?????

How is machining different from hand sewing?

In hand sewing, there is one thread that goes back and forth in the fabric. This is a very slow process, because the stitches need to be very small in order to function at holding the garment together and getting through the 100 washings minimum that will be expected. Hand sewing was abandoned for garment construction for the most part as soon as the sewing machine came into use. In Machine sewing, two threads are used which interlock in the middle of the fabric. Seen in a cut away, they would appear to be a figure eight. Machine sewing is used for almost all applications, due to the speed and strength of the stitches. Possible exceptions are when an area is too small and awkward for the material to be completed by machine, such as sewing closed a stuffed animal, or for custom projects like suit jackets, in which the hand is much more effective at keeping threads from pulling and distorting the fabric by applying too much tension.

Where online can you find images of the various stitches used in sewing?

There are books available through sewing centers or sewing catalogs on line. Some of the books are very inexpensive. Also check your local library. They are an excellent source of information. You also didn't state whether you were speaking of machine stitches or hand stitches. Either way, give your library a look see. <><><> I stumbled upon this because I was looking for the same thing! Examples of Hand stitches ONLINE. I found a few links with some examples that I hope will be useful: