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Pan Flute


Alto Flute

Bass Flute

Original Flute



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The flute is different because it is an instrument where you blow across not into it The flute is different because it is an instrument where you blow across not into it

Alto flute has a lower pitch than a normal flute.

Piccolo is a different instrument than the flute.

Not really, but the key placements are slightly different due to the size of the instrument.

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The air inside the flute going through different tubes.

the flute is a higher pitch than the oboe

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the amplitude on a flute changes when you blow with different amounts of energy.

go look it up on google. it has ALL different websites for different flute songs

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there is the piccalo alto flute bass flute cntarbass flute if you type into google different types of flutes you should get a variety of lists and even pics when you go to images

Your fingers go on the buttons, and the flute goes toward your right side. You blow into the flute like it's a glass bottle, and pressing on different keys make different noises.

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There are different hand position for playing a flute. It depends on what you are trying to play on the flute.

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To play a flute, you hold it up to your mouth, but don't cover the mouthpiece with your mouth. Blow air across the mouthpiece, and press down keys in different combinations to get out different notes. (See a flute fingering chart.)

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