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Horses may react when entering a barn. They may be nervous if they are young and used to a paddock environment. The horse may become spooky, either because of claustrophobia or the presence of other horses. Once put in a stable the horse may kick at the walls, crib (chew) on the woodwork or doorframes, or whinny at the other horses. Some horses will bolt back to the barn after or during work. Cats often slink into a barn. Of course, cats are just slinky. For a cat, the barn is a hunting ground. The barn isoften full of mice. Pigs love their barn. Sometimes if they are being sorted for market, they become VERY canny. The pigs know where you want them to go and they are adamantly adverse to that place. Typically, if you can get the first one or two to go through a gate or go to a spot in the barn, the rest become more compliant.

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Q: What are the different ways in which the animals behave as they come into the barn?
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