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The fixed dimensions of the most common "small square" bale are 14" by 18".

The variable dimension is settable at 12" to 52" on many small square balers.

A bale length of 36" is fairly common because 18" is half that and bales can be interleaved when stacked to make the stack more stable.

Some more expensive small square balers produce bales with fixed dimensions of 16" by 18" and usually a variable dimension of 12" to 52". These larger small square bales are less common.

A 14"x18"x36" bale typically weights 60 to 70 lbs. Weight depends upon forage type, baler and moisture content. Ideal moisture content for baling small square bales is 15% to 18%. Baling small square bales when hay has a moisture content above 20% can result in more fungus growth and a potential for spontaneous combustion fires. When hay is baled moist two bales should be tipped and leaned against each other to form an A-frame so that their surface is exposed to the air to dry. This can be done in the field on dry days or under cover if the reason you are baling moist is weather.

Smaller bales hold together better, dry quicker when left with air space around them and are easier for youth and women to lift. A bale size of 14"x18"x22" will weigh about 37 to 43 lbs. This is a safer bale weight for many people to handle - less chance of an injured back. A bale of this size is about 2 days of feed for cattle at 20 lbs per day. Horses typically eat about 22 lbs of hay a day so a bale size of 14"x18"x24" might work better with horses. A bale size of 14"x18"x36" is about 3 days worth of horse feed. Macho bales - 48" to 52" - tend to come loose and are definitely difficult for some folks to handle though hefting them gracefully may impress a lady.

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How many small bale of hay in a 3x3x8 square bale?

There are fifteen small bales of hay in a 3x3x8 square bale. The 3x3x8 square bale weighs 750 pounds and the small bales weigh 50 pounds.

What size is a small square bale of hay?

A small square bale of hay weighing between 40 to 75 pounds will be 19 inches by 16 inches by 36 inches.

How much does a square bale of hay weigh?

The weight of the bale will depend on many factors, including, moisture content, the type of hay, it's over all dimensions and how compacted it is. Most small square bales will weigh between 40 to 100 pound. Large square bales will weigh from 100 to 2,000 pounds.

Weight of bale of hay?

a small square bale approximately 2 feet by 4 feet by a foot high 60 to 80 pounds

Dimensions of a bale of hay?

It depends on the baler which made it, small rectangular, small round, large rectangular, large round, or very large rectangular.

How much money does it cost for a 30 pound bale of hay?

A small square bale of hay weighing 30-60 pounds will vary in cost by type of hay and region. You should however expect to pay no less than $6 for one bale of that size.

How much does a bale of hay cover?

Not enough information in question to answer. How much what? Land? Cattle? What size bale? Small round, small square, large round, large rectangular?

Why is a rectangular bale of hay called square?

back in 1883 Jimmothy Halpert created the first bale of hay into a square. it seldomly changed ever since

Why is square bale of hay called square?

because your mama named it

How many flakes in a bale of hay?

A small square will have around 4 flakes. Large squares have around 10.

Weight of a bale of hay?

The weight of a bale of hay is going to vary enormously according to what type of bale, size of the bale, type of hay and moisture level. A small two-string square bale typically weights 35 to 55 pounds. A larger three-string bale can weigh from 60 to 140 pounds on average. Round bales vary from 500 to 1200 pounds according to how tightly baled they are.

How many small square bales of hay in a big square bale?

The answer to this question is difficult because small square bales can have different sizes and weights, as can the large square bales of hay. These sizes are set by the farmer according to what he wants. Most small squares of grass hay weigh about 30 - 40 pounds. The average sized large square in the Midwest of the US are usually around 1000 pounds. This means there are about 34 bales in a large bale.

How much does a square hay bale cost?

A square bale of hay will vary in cost according to what type of hay it is, how much it weighs, where it was grown, who is selling it, and many other factors. You can expect to pay from $5.50 and up from there.

How much area does a spread bale of hay cover?

That really depends on the size and weight of the bale, as well as the depth of the cover. One large round bale of hay can be unrolled for at least 20 or 30 yards with a depth of 8 inches, where as a small square will only cover 5 square feet of area if all the flakes were put together in a square or rectangle.

What is the weight of a large square bale of hay?

It depends on the size of the bale, how the operator has the baler set up, and the type and quality of hay in the bale, but it should be somewhere between 800 and 2,000 pounds.

Can you throw a bale of hay over the fence to feed cows?

It's better not to. When you have a small square bale or any kind of bale, it's best to take the strings off and throw the hay in in a feed trough or bunk or bale feeder instead of throwing a bale hither-thither in the pen. You get more waste when it's thrown on the ground for them than if it's in a feeder.

How much does a large square hay bale weigh?

That really depends on the content of the square bale, whether it is comprised of straw or hay and the moisture content of that bale. On average a large square bale will weigh around or over half a ton.

What is a unit of hay called?

The unit for hay is usually a bale, which is called a 'bale of hay'. It is just a block of hay.

How much would a soft core large square hay bale cost in Colorado?

Your question is flawed. You can never have a "soft core" large square hay bale. Soft or hard core only applies to large round bales, not square bales.

How much is a bale of hay in Missouri?

The price of a bale of hay will vary according to the type of hay, the size of the bale and where you purchase it from. Hay can range from $5.00 and upwards depending on those factors.

How many small bales of hay in a large square bale?

if i understand you right, you are asking how many square bales = 1 large round bale, and by large i think you mean 5 wide bales, 5x5, 5x5.25, 5x5.50, 5x6 ect. the answer is 20 - 35 small two wire bales.

Is a bushel of hay equal to a bail of hay?

No, a bushel of hay is not equal to one bale of hay. There is approximately twenty bales of hay in one bushel or string bale or hay.

How many square bales in round bale?

This can vary greatly based on what bale size you are going by and how big the round bale is. For hay bales you should never measure by volume, but instead by weight. To do that you need the weight of the round bale and the weight of the smaller bales. You'll need to divide the round bale weight by the smaller bales weight to get your answer. For example a 600 pound round bale would equal 15 small 40 pound bales of hay by weight.

How do you use bale in a sentence?

We lost a bale of hay on that last turn, Speedo. I can get one more bale of hay loaded into the loft.

What do you call stacks of hay?

a bale of hay

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