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Uh, did you look on the package?

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When was Scott's tissue invented?

1879 by Kimberly-Clark's Scott Brand (first toilet paper on a roll).

What does tissue mean today?

tissue can either mean; tissue- as in from a body muscle tissue/ biology or tissue- as in the thing you use to wipe your nose with! or tissue -there many other types of tissue toilet paper kitchen roll-you name it- they are all types of tissue as well!

What word means a long roll of paper?

paper towel roll?

How much does viva paper towels cost?

Viva paper towels are comparable in price to other brands of paper towels. For instance, a 6-roll package of standard Viva paper towels costs around $6 at Walmart. This averages to about $1 per roll.

How many individual sheets does the standard roll of Scott toilet paper have?

I've counted - it had 159 pieces

What is a roll of paper with writing on it starts with scr?

If you think about a ROLL of paper, you've got your answer. A Scroll is a roll of paper with writing on it.

How do you use a Toilet Tissue Roll?

you pul the roll!

What side is the wax on cutrite wax paper?

With a standard roll of cutrite paper, the waxed side will be on the bottom when you pull it out. However, they also sell a grilling paper that is waxed on both sides.

How many miles are there in a roll of newsprint?

A roll of standard newsprint at a 42" diameter has just over 8 miles of paper. Most daily newspapers would use a 50" diameter which would have more than 10 miles of paper.

How many yards of toilet paper are on a toilet paper roll?

It depends on the size of the roll,

Where can you find a replacement toilet paper roll rod which is longer than standard?

Maybe Rite-Aid or walmart... a place like that

How long is a toilet paper roll?

A toilet paper roll will vary depending on toilet paper thickness and how many pieces are on a roll. The average length is 4 to 5 feet long.

How do you make an angel from a tissue roll?

stand up roll and scrunch a doile or ribbon in center to make wings cover roll in white paper and add eyes and glitter for halo also add mouth nose,buttons dress hem(fabric +glitter)

How many sheets on a toilet paper roll?

There are anywhere from 350 to 500 sheets of toilet paper on one roll

How do you fold clothes in a suit case so they don't wrinkle?

Don't fold...roll them, preferably between sheets of tissue paper. Not too practical, I know. But it works!!

How much does felt paper cost per roll?


How much water is used to make a roll of toilet paper?

one roll of toilet paper uses about 0.8 pounds of water

How do you properly roll a joint with Rolling paper?

You can properly roll a joint with Rolling paper by closing the blunt end with some filter.

How do you make a toilet paper roll rollacoster that has no toilet paper?

yes,you can

Does it take special paper to roll a cigarette?

no any kind of paper will do.

What are some different types of paper towels?

1- Folded Commercial Paper Towels 2- Single Fold Towels 3- Multi-Fold Towels 4- Commercial Paper Roll Towels 5- Standard Household Paper Towels 6-Scott Fold Paper Towels 7-Premium Household Paper Towels

Could you name anything that looks like a cylinder?

A test tube, a paper towel roll. A roll of toilet paper. A coke can. A barrel.

What is parachuting hydrocodone?

It is where you crush up a Hydrocodone pill and tear off one piece/square of toilet tissue paper off a roll, and put the crushed Hydrocodone powder in the center of the piece/square of toilet tissue paper and tie the 4 corners of it up and swallow the tied up piece of toilet tissue paper containing the crushed up Hydrocodone. It's nearly impossible to swallow it without water or something to drink, and you can very easily get choked.

How many squares in a roll of toilet paper?

depends how long the roll is

How many pennies are in a roll?

A standard roll of US cents contains 50 coins.