What are the dimensions of a water polo pool?

The dimensions of a water polo pool are difined by FINA rule WP 1.4. These state the distance between the goal lines (i.e. the length of the pitch) should be between 20m and 30m for men and between 20m and 25 m for women. The width of the pitch must be between 10m and 20m. In addition the boundary of the field of play must be 0.3m behind the goal line. Additionally for top class water polo matches the water must be a minimum of 1.8 meters deep, though this can be overlooked for junior or lower class games if that depth is not available for the whole field of play. If the game is played in a shallower pool in which the players can reach the bottom they cannot use the bottom for their advantage (i.e. touch or jump off it) unless they are playing in goal. The goal keeper is the only player allowed to touch the bottom of the pool (not the side) and even then they can only do this within the 5m area (i.e. 5m from their goal line)