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Q: What are the disadvantages and advantages of broad field curriculum design?
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What are the advantages of broad fields curriculum?

advantage of broad fields curriculum?

What is the difference between broad field curriculum and core curriculum?

Differentiate between broad field curriculum and core curriculum

What are the patterns of curriculum organization?

Subject curriculum Broad field curriculum Core curriculum Activity curriculum

What are the advantages and disadvantages of broad field curriculum?

advantage of broad filed it engages the student it gives them little knowledge about other subject disadvantage it can be frustrating to student it reduces time for core courses

What is the broad term that is used in your curriculum to describe software that is annoying or generally undesirable?


What are the advantages and disadvantages of product structure?

Some of the advantages and disadvantages of product structure are that product structure enables companies to remain flexible in the business environment. Businesses are able to remove or expand specific structures as necessary, but it can prevent companies from achieving broad based goals as each structured unit is operated on its own.

What is job bandwidth in HRM?

it is a combination of narrow job design and broad job design

The disadvantage of VBNET?

That is a broad question, by itself there are no "disadvantages" of Where you meaning to compare this to another?

What 3 activities help operational commanders translate broad political guidance into tangible tactical actions?

formulating the design, refining the design,framing the design

How does philosophy influence curriculum development?

This is a deceptively complex question. Curriculum work is a value-laden process (Wiles, 2009) and you have to sort out (rank) those things that you feel are ESSENTIAL. In order to determine the essential from the frivolous, a theoretical base would help one filter the plethora of available ideas, activities, and programs. The theories of learning as propounded by different educational psychologists influence curriculum specialists during the development stages of the curriculum in a variety of ways starting from the planning and design of the curriculum where they essentially consider ingredients in the curriculum development process based on the perceptions of learners and how they learn. Before the detailed construction of a curriculum document occurs, curriculum developers are involved in planning and designing their proposed curriculum. Curriculum planning is a process whereby curriculum developers conceptualize and organize the features of the curriculum they wish to construct. This involves a broad analysis of the curriculum intent and context (what you wish to achieve), conceptualizing the curriculum's design (what it will look like), organizing the sequencing of developmental tasks (how to construct the curriculum) and arranging for the process of implementation and evaluation. Thus curriculum planning is an integral part of the curriculum development process which is heavily influenced by learning theories. (sitwe, 2010) Textbooks about Curriculum Development provide useful overviews about the history of curriculum development and, typically, tie this process to learning theories. Short Answer: The learning theory to which the developer(s) subscribe contribute particular dispositions and attitudes towards HOW and WHAT is to be considered as "useful." :) William Washington

What are disadvantages of a broad niche?

It's like adaptations that allow them to to survive in the summer and the freezing in the winter.

What do electrical engineer's do?

EE is a vary broad discipline. EEs design circuit boards, design and code software, design communication systems (wireless and wired), design antennas, design computers, design EM (electromagnetic) components.... the list goes on and on.

Advantages of broad and flat leaves?

Broad and flat leaves have an advantage when it comes to capturing sunlight when there are not a lot of leaves available. This is one reason why aquatic plants such as lily pads have developed this feature.

Advantages and disadvantages of cross pollination?

Advantages: 1. Hybrid vigour is maitained, 2. Chances of aquiring broad genetic base are always there. 3. Process of evolution continues. Dis-advantages: 1. Seed formation always depend on availability of pollinator 2. Lots of variability leades to heterozygocity and inconsistancy in phenotypes. 3. Mixing of inferior genes takes place if pollinators are not controlled.

What are the advantages of geomatics?

The advantages of geomatics is that it equips the learner with broad skills as far as geography is concerned. The learners get to understand remote sensing and land surveying in detail.

Advantages of science and technology in your society?

Very broad question, but among the biggest advantages of technology is the globalization of information and communication. Now we can communicate with the world instantly.

What are some disadvantages of a broad niche?

There is not a lot of biodiversity; so there are large populations but little variety amongst the environment.

What are some disadvantages of broad niche?

There is not a lot of biodiversity; so there are large populations but little variety amongst the environment.

What is the advantages for girls to have broad hips?

Women have broader hips so they can give birth more easily.

What are advantages and disadvantages of being a animal behaviorist?

I have not gotten a degree in that specific study but i have been doing a little research into myself. It seems that some advantages are: working with animals, helping people with their animals, sometimes you can get jobs at shelters and help animals get new homes and its just overall rewarding. Some disadvantages might be figuring out what degree you want to get. There are four main broad degrees you can get but you can research that online and try to narrow it down for what is best for you. Hope this helps!

What are the econimies for the middle colonies?

The Middle Colonies had several advantages that allowed them to flourish economically. Three of these advantages were fertile soil, broad navigable rivers, and abundant forests.

What Are The Advantages Of No Win No Fee?

One of the most important advantages to the no win no fee claim system for personal injury and medical negligence is that access is broad and available to all.

What kind of work graphic designers perform?

Graphic Designers can work in a broad range of jobs. Some of which include: logo design product design web design advertising magazine/poster design Pretty much anything that has to do with mass produced or advertising product design.

What are the advantages of research?

You have a more accurate result because you know the numbers instead of a qualitative research which is more broad.

What are the advantages of quantative research?

You have a more accurate result because you know the numbers instead of a qualitative research which is more broad.