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What are the disadvantages of a mixed economy?

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Mixed economies come with some disadvantages that include it being hard to know how much government should control. Government borrowing is a disadvantage along with merchants having tax rates that are too high.

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Disadvantages of mixed economy?

disadvantages of mixed economy

What are the disadvantages of mixed economy in Nigeria?

The disadvantages of the mixed economy in Nigeria is that some unscrupulous businessmen are evading taxes. They import some goods which pose a danger to the locally produced goods.

Disadvantages of mixed economy in South Africa?

The disadvantages of a mixed economy in South Africa include the potential for favoritism and focusing production on things that are good for society instead of what's best for the economy. Advantages of this kind of economy include a balance between individuals and the common good.

Advantages and disadvantages of south Africa's mixed economy?

The advantages South Africa's mixed economy include the proper distribution of wealth and income. The disadvantages are lack of proper regulations since it is inclined more towards the free market side.

What is the difference between market economy and mixed economy?

The difference between market economy and mixed economy is that a marked economy is a marked economy and a mixed economy is a mixed economy

Is mixed economy Ireland's economy?

Ireland's economy is a mixed economy! (:

Is Canada a Mixed Economy or is it a Market Economy?

mixed economy

Is Spain a market economy command economy or mixed?

mixed economy

Is Argentina a market economy a command economy or is it a mixed economy?


What are some disadvantages of centrally planned economies?

disadvantages of command economy,Command economy,Command economy disadvantages

Does Malaysia is a mixed economy country and what are the examples if it a mixed economy?

It is a mixed economy because we pay taxes

Is Ghana a mixed economy?

what makes it a mixed economy

What is a mixed economy continuum?

something to do with mixed economy

Is Peru a mixed economy?

yes it does a mixed economy

What are the disadvantages and advantages of a mixed economy?

Some advantages include:It mixes the benefits of capitalist nature of private companies and socialist nature of the government.Looks to balance economic growth of the economy and incomeMixed economy allows individuals to run their business and make profits but contribute towards society.Some disadvantages include:Goods and services are produced to benefit the society rather then to benefit the economy.Favoritism and bureaucratic nature are prevalent in a mixed economy.For more information, please refer to the related link.

What to produce in mixed economy?

You should produce mixed goods in a mixed economy.

Is Turkey a market economy a command economy or is it a mixed economy?

mixed market

The advantages and disadvantages of mixed economy?

Advantages of mixed economy include that a state provides the essential services, there is consumer choice, competition keeps prices low and private sector encouraged for profits. Disadvantages of mixed economy include less efficient than private sector, heavy taxes reduce incentives to work hard or make profits and there is excessive control over business activity which can discourage enterprise and add costs.

What is the best example of a mixed economy?

the best example of a MIXED ECONOMY is the market economy and a command economy

Is Jamaica has unplanned unplanned or mixed economy?

it has a mixed economy

Is Ecuador a market command or mixed economy?

It is a Mixed Economy

Is Germany a mixed economy?

Yes. Germany is a mixed economy.

Is Mexico a mixed economy?

Yes, Mexico is a mixed economy.

What are Bad things about a mixed economy?

why is the mixed economy good

Is the US a market or mixed economy?

The U.S is a mixed economy