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What are the disadvantages of conflict to an organization?


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  1. Less Productivity

    • Organizational conflicts can waste time and and cost money, two things that determine the longevity of businesses. Conflicts may spawn from opposing views of employees, inflexible view points and/or the absence of ethical standards. These conflicts can change the way people work with each other, sometimes halting work all together, until the issue is resolved. The loss of productivity could cost an organization money and create an incapability to achieve organizational goals.


    • Conflicts can cause a great deal of stress on many people within an organization. Stress affects the parties responsible, mediators and friends of those involved. Conflict can lead to the loss of jobs, being demoted and loss of reputation. Negative atmospheres may also have harmful effects on the family lives of those involved and damage the organization's reputation.

    Divided Organization

    • The organization can become divided when conflict arises through people's misunderstanding, inability to change and distrust among co-workers. Many times during a conflict, people are forced to take sides, which can ultimately ruin business and personal relationships and can even result in a downward spiral of the organization.