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What are the disadvantages of human beauty?


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September 08, 2008 5:10PM

I would like to add to this forum. I am a very good looking man that has no problem attracting girls. I would say that I could probably have any girl I wanted, that is if the terms were right. Here is the problem. Being good looking might get you into the door, but as far as networking goes, it is hard for me to develop genuine relationships between people. I can make friends easily but they are not real friends. They do not keep make efforts to keep in contact, or if they do, very small efforts. When it comes to women, I am automatically looked at as a player and yes I do think this is devastating when it comes to meeting women. I might be able to go out and dance with, interact with and do things that more average looking might do, but in the end, I am already prejudged regardless of what I do or say. So in a way its like i have to prove myself to them. I don't play games and I am a very sensitive man who knows how to communicate. Regardless of these features it is extremely hard to break the surface. The only exception would be if I were HONESTLY into the girl. Then I would have to pursue and pursue, play the game and then MAYBE take her out. It might look like we have all the fun, but it's very frustrating in the end. Also, look at the compatibility issues, if you want to see the other side of this, I can go out at night and see maybe one or two beautiful women of whom I am genuinely attracted too whereas the average man can have his pic. This makes it more difficult to meet someone whom I am sexually attracted to. It might sound overly confident to some out there but this is a fact of life. I have NEVER been with a woman I am SUPER attracted to, lots of pretty girls, nice girls, average girls, but never a gorgeous girl. This girl, when I find her, will be the one I marry. So it might seem like the good looking guy has it all together, but in reality he struggles the same or more than your average guy. I could even send twenty emails out to average girls or more so attractive girls and get maybe two responses? three at most? it's a joke! reality check guys, women look beyond the surface, we like physical, they look for personality and security. that is what is real!

== == When some people are absolutely beautiful it can actually be a detriment to them. Others who are interested in them will often not ask them out because they fear rejection. Many of the beautiful people are vain and work on their outer image and forget about their personality or their soul. They can be so caught up in themselves they become selfish and hurtful to others less fortunate. Because of the above someone that is beautiful or handsome that have these qualities as well as a great personality and have fine qualities about them, but often the stigmatism is there portraying them as vane, useless, selfish and would cheat on a dime given half a chance (because people are attracted to beauty.) If the person is vain because they are extremely good looking they fear getting old and have an extremely hard time dealing with this adjustment. Often they will seek plastic surgery and only end up on a merry go round. This leaves little time for them to help others or be part of giving of themselves. Beauty in a human being is a form of art (I don't mean Playboy), but actually looking at a beautiful woman or handsome man and studying their features. It's a magnificent creation of art. Often we forget that. However, what most of us can miss is that the soul (sometimes captured in paintings) is what counts and makes the whole of the person. As they say, 'Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.' If you have beauty and nothing else and spend time looking in the mirror at yourself instead of working on the inside of oneself then beauty simply fades and the person ends up being an empty shell.

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