What are the disadvantages of mining limestone?


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No special disadvantages; but note the possibility of destroying beautiful landscapes.

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advantages: creates jobs. Gets a lot of limestone at once. disadvantages: destroys natural wildlife. Noise and dust polution. Expensive

The disadvantages of mining iron

Limestone crusher is not a mining machine.the limestone is about many related mining equipment,including:jaw crusher,hammer crusher,impact crusher,,so limestone crusher like ore crusher.

I obtain Limestone by buying it at the local rock and gravel supplier. The world obtains Limestone by mining it from the ground.

what are the disadvantages of bauxite mining

at the end of mining cart trip

Advantages:Surface mining is saferSurface mining is cheaper,Surface mining is fasterDisadvantages:Destroys the landscapeDestroys natural habitat

Limestone is extracted through mining. Shims and wedges are driven into the limestone creating a fracture, making extraction rather simple.

for this question you simply need to say what mining is and what quarrying is. here is how you write the answer: Mining is the extraction of metals from their ore and quarrying is the digging up for limestone, the resemble of limestone quarrying and mining metals both include digging up minerals from earth. this question normally worth 2 or 3 marks. hope i helped :)

Advantages: we get bauxite which we can export and built the economy. Disadvantages: persons homes and lands are destroyed for mining

In open pit mining operations throughout the world.

Mining is also known as discovery from earth we can discover diamonds, gold, metals, limestone etc.thank you

Disadvantages:Surface mining is very dangerous.Advantages:Subsurface mining is saferSubsurface mining is cheaper,Subsurface mining is faster60% of the mining in the US is Subsurface mining.

There are many disadvantages to mining. The main disadvantages include the danger to the miner, environmental hazards, the stripping of natural resources, and the permanent scarring of the landscape.

Subsurface mining is less disruptive to the environment that strip mining, however the danger to the miners is greater

advatages:· it would create more jobs· You can get a lot of limestone at once.· Limestone is a valuable natural resource, used to make things such as glass and concrete.disadvatages:· It destroys natural wild life· It's noisy and dust pollution· It's expensive· may permanently disfigure the local environment· Heavy traffic, which damages people's quality of life.

yes it is also found in nashville,TN mining plants

Florida mines phosphate rock, oil, limestone, kaolin, and zircon.

I have no idea I'm trying to figure that out to

Advantages to the mining industry in general are that it can add jobs and money to the nearby economy. Some disadvantages are that the work is dangerous, and it is depleting the earthâ??s natural resources.

The largest disadvantages of underground mining (by comparison to surface mining) are ground stability and cost issues. Through some methods, recovery can also be an issue, as fo instance in Room and pillar mining.

The most common mining in Virginia is the mining of sand and aggregates (crushed stone) usually in the form of limestone or basalt. This is used in making concrete, and in asphalt paving. Virginia has an active coal mining industry in SW Virginia. There has also been mining of metals- iron, copper, titanium, uranium and gold, as well as mining of asbestos and vermiculite.

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