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Takes a long time, several weeks or months to create the hybridoma cells.

Also costs a lot of money, and need to house and feed the mammal hosts for a long time while you immunize them

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Q: What are the disadvantages of the hybridoma technique?
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Different types of fusion technique used in hybridoma technique?

The different types of fusion technique used in Hybridoma formatio are: 1. fusion mediated by PEG. 2. fusion mediated by DMSO. 3. Electrofusion 4. Viral Transformation (viral mediated fusion) using EB Virus, Sandai Virus.

What are the disadvantages of the up sweep technique?

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What are the advantages of transactional analysis?

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How do you select hybrids in hybridoma technology?

You use a HAT medium

What are the advantages and disadvantages of Delphi method in forecasting demand for a product?

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What are the disadvantages of the pole placement technique?

The only problem with this technique is that more states are required to be known. These states can be either measured or estimated.

What are the disadvantages of the hanging drop technique?

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What are the disadvantages of systematic sampling?

Disadvantages of systematic sampling: © The process of selection can interact with a hidden periodic trait within the population. If the sampling technique coincides with the periodicity of the trait, the sampling technique will no longer be random and representativeness of the sample is compromised.

Definition of hybrydoma technology?

The correct spelling is hybridoma. The definition of hybridoma technology is a technology of forming hybrid cell lines that are called hybridmomas. Anti-body B cells with a myeloma cell are fused to form the cell lines.

What are the disadvantages of bridgman technique?

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What has the author Tanya Karns written?

Tanya Karns has written: 'The behaviour of hybridoma cells in culture'

What are the advantages and disadvantages of pour plate technique?

Some advantages of pour plate technique are: it counts only living cells and it is a standardized test, which is used worldwide. Some disadvantages of this method are: it generally takes a long time to incubate bacteria and osmotic shocks can occur.

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