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Q: What are the discharging chambers?
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Related questions

Are the thicker chambers of the heart sometimes called the discharging chambers?

Yes, the thicker chambers of the heart are sometimes called the discharging chambers.

What are the discharging chambers of the heart and having little pumping actions?

The discharging chambers are the ventricles. Blood is pumped from the heart into the arteries. (The blood leaves through the ventricles, hence "discharging" chambers)

What are the discharging chambers of the heart?

the ventricles or arteries

What is a heart's discharging chambers called?

a ventricle

What are the discharging chambers of the heart called?

the ventricles or arteries

What are the two discharging chambers for blood?

The ventricles are the discharging chambers for the blood. The left pumps blood through the systemic circulation, and the right through the pulmonary circulation.

Why are the ventricles called the discharging chambers?

Because they pump the blood out of the heart

Which chambers are receiving blood and which are discharging blood?

Atria receive blood into the heart and ventricles "discharge" it from the heart

Superior discharging chamber on the left side of the heart?

The question really contradicts itself. The superior chambers are the atria, but they are receiving chambers. The left ventricle is a discharging chamber, but is inferior. I would go with the left ventricle. I'm working on the same paper in anatomy. Ask your teacher to be completely sure.

What chamber of the heart is responsible for pumping blood to the body's various organs?

The human heart has four chambers, two superior atria and two inferior ventricles. The atria are the receiving chambers and the ventricles are the discharging chambers. The left ventricle, feed through the bicuspid valve (mitral valve), pumps blood out to the body.

Which is the correct spelling discharging or dischargining?

The spelling "discharging" is correct (releasing, or firing).

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