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check out this website, it tells you some do's and don'ts. Hope this helps.,,10_625014,00.html You know better than anyone else what your body is capable of, your instinct will always tell you the truth. If it don't feel right it probably isn't! People will always tell you shouldn't do this or that, but the reality is only you know! I have had 4 children, and I have always followed my instincts, and all my children were very healthy. Make sure though you get all the rest you need, if our tired relax, don't over do yourself...your body is changing during pregnancy and always be aware of that(make a mental note)...if your mood changes, that is only a part of the change, you will return to you after the baby is born. Good Luck! Try to keep your body in shape by getting good exercise.

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Q: What are the do's and don'ts about pregnancy?
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