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What are the downsides of buying a co-op apartment?

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Depending on the process the board follows when screening applicants, be aware that you may be required to bear significant scrutiny. The board may -- and legally so -- inspect your:

  • Financial health
  • Credit history
  • Work history and reputation
  • Social history and reputation
  • Citizenship
  • Criminal record

and more.

In a co-op apartment, you buy shares in a corporation and are granted exclusive rights to a (residential) unit.

When repairs are necessary, you may be required to produce a significant amount of cash to pay your share.

You may or may not consider any of these elements 'downsides'.

Your realtor can help you understand the screening process, so that there are no surprises during the board's investigative process.

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When buying into a co-operative living situation, you're purchasing a share in a corporation with an assigned living space. Usually, you are expected to pay cash and be able, financially, to bear the shared expenses required to maintain and preserve the commonly-held assets -- again in cash. You may not be able to obtain a mortgage, or borrow against this asset. There is no clear title as in a deed. Initially, you will be screened by the co-op board and may not be accepted for residency in the facility.

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