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What are the dr mrs vandertramp verbs?


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"Dr. Mrs. Vandertramp" is the mnemonic for English speakers to remember which French verbs are conjugated in "passé composé" with the "être" auxiliary instead of "avoir".

Each letter of the mnemonic represents one verb:

Devenir - to become

Revenir - to return

Mourir - to die

Rester - to stay

Sortir - to go out/Exit

Venir - to come

Arriver - to arrive

Naître - to be born

Descendre - to descend or go down

Entrer - to enter

Rentrer - to return home

Tomber - to fall

Retourner - to return

Aller - to go

Monter - to climb/to go up

Partir - to part/ to leave

Passer and Deceder are also conjugated with "être" in some cases, like when they mean 'to pass by' and 'to decease'.

Not much of a mnemonic, since remember initials apply to thousand of words and verbs, not just one verb per letter, let alone a whole list.