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"Dr. Mrs. Vandertramp" is the mnemonic for English speakers to remember which French verbs are conjugated in "passé composé" with the "être" auxiliary instead of "avoir".

Each letter of the mnemonic represents one verb:

Devenir - to become

Revenir - to return

Mourir - to die

Rester - to stay

Sortir - to go out/Exit

Venir - to come

Arriver - to arrive

Naître - to be born

Descendre - to descend or go down

Entrer - to enter

Rentrer - to return home

Tomber - to fall

Retourner - to return

Aller - to go

Monter - to climb/to go up

Partir - to part/ to leave

Passer and Deceder are also conjugated with "être" in some cases, like when they mean 'to pass by' and 'to decease'.

Not much of a mnemonic, since remember initials apply to thousand of words and verbs, not just one verb per letter, let alone a whole list.

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Q: What are the dr mrs vandertramp verbs?
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What are the dr mrs p vandertramp verbs?

There the verbs in french that are conjugated with 'être' in passé composé.The acronym stands for:Descendre VenirRetourner AllerNaitreMonter DevinirRevenir EntrerSortir RentrerTomberPasser ResterAllerMourirPartir

How do you tell which form of the past participle should be used in passe compose?

"Etre" is used for any motion verb (use the "Dr./Mrs. P. Vandertramp" trick to remember motion verbs) and any reflexive verbs. All other verbs use "avoir" as the past participle.

What are the plurals for Mrs Vandertramp?

The plural form is the Mrs. Vandertramps.The two Mrs. Vandertramps are sisters-in-law.

What are the irregual dr mrs vandertramp verbs?

D - Devenir R - Revenir M - Montrer R - Rentrer S - Sortir V - Venir A - Aller N - Naitre D - Descendre E - Entrer R - Rester T - Tomber R - Retourner A - Arriver M - Mourir P - Partir (P) - Passer

What is an easy to remember word like Mrs. Vandertramp but for the letters 'a a d e f p v v v'?


What has to happen when you use รชtre instead of avoir for the formation of the passรฉ composรฉ?

You use etre for "Dr and Mrs Vandertramp" or "house" verbs. You also use etre for reflexive verbs like se lever, se coucher, se sentir. Don't forget to conjugate etre and use the passe compose end form of the verb (er=e(with accent), re=u, ir=i). The most common etre passe compose is "Je suis ne(e)." = I was born.

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Is sortir a regular french verb?

Sortir (to go out) is not a regular verb. This is the present conjugation: Je sors tu sors il sort elle sort nous sortons vous sortez ils sortent elles sortent Past participle= sorti Sortir is a DR MRS VANDERTRAMP verb, therefore in the past, sortir takes etre.

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