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Canada's speed driving restrictions are measured at kilometres per hour. Local and intercity roads are usually posted at 50kmph (40 in school and retirement zones) and city highways and country roads are posted from 90 to 110kmph. In some provinces, in order to crack down on speeding, certain amounts over the posted speed can result in fines of thousands of dollars and the possession of your car. Each province has its own driver's license programs with restrictions - if you are a foreigner a full license should be sufficient, depending on what class of vehicle you are driving as trucks, hauling trailers over a certain weight, and specialty vehicles require a specific license. Throughout Canada, unless otherwise posted, you may turn right when faced with a red light, except in Quebec. The amount of alcohol one can have in one's system when driving is .08 (80 milligrams of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood). Anything above that is considered criminal and you can be arrested fro drunk driving. In Canada, not wearing a seatbelt can result in heavy fines, and each person in your vehicle must have a seat and seatbelt or they are an illegal passenger. Other than that, obeying the road signs and being smart at the wheel is pretty much all you need to know to drive in Canada.

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Q: What are the driving restrictions for Canada?
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