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What are the duties of US Cabinet members?

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The Cabinet includes the heads of the 15 executive departments --- the Secretaries of Agriculture, Commerce, Defense, Education, Energy, Health and Human Services, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Interior, Labor, State, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, as well as the Attorney General. Their job is to manage their department and keep the President informed about concerns connected to their department. They also give the president advice when asked for input.

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Are the duties of all cabinet members listed in the constitution?


What is the salary of the us cabinet members?

what is the current salary of the cabinet members

Who appoints cabinet members?

Cabinet members are appointed by the President; with Senate approval.

Who is forth in line after the president and vice-president . to assume the duties of us president?

The Cabinet members in the order of which their departments were created.

How are cabinet members picked?

The President picks the members in the Cabinet, subject to approval by the US Senate.

Who were the first cabinet members of the US?


Who is under the US cabinet members?

The cabinet members each run one of the major departments of the US government. The employees of these departments are under the direction of the cabinet member who heads their department.

How can cabinet members lose their job?

The US cabinet members serve at the will of the President. He can ask for their resignation for any reason.

How are US cabinet members chosen?

The president chooses the cabinet and vc president

What are the citizenship requirements for US cabinet members?

They have to be a citizen

What are the responsibilities and roles of the US' Cabinet members?

Study Island Cabinet members serve as policy advisors to the U.S. President.

How is the presidents cabinet selected?

Presidential Cabinet members are appointed by the president with approval of the US Senate.

Can the president choose his cabinet members?

yes. The president chooses his cabinet members. They have to be confirmed by the US Senate and they have been known to reject his choice.

Who appoints US cabinet secretaries?

The President names his cabinet members who must be confirmed by the US Senate before they can take office.

What requirements must an individual meet to be a member of the cabinet of US?

Cabinet members must be chosen by the President and confirmed by the US Senate.

Who are three the cabinet members of the US titles?


Does the US Supreme Court appoint members of the President's cabinet?


Who has the power to nominate ambassador public minister or other officers of the US such as Cabinet members?

The President has the power to nominate ambassador public minister or other officers of the US such as Cabinet members.

Can president select all members of the cabinet?

The President of the United States chooses all members of the Cabinet. They must, however, be approved by the US Senate.

Who approves the cabinet members?

Cabinet members of the Executive Branch of the United States government are chosen by the president. However, they can only be approved by the US Senate.

Which branch approves cabinet members?

The US Senate (legislative branch) must approve cabinet appointments .

What does the cabinet chief do?

As President the Chief Cabinet decides how the government is to be run. He delegates certain responsibilities and duties to other posts. There are a total of fifteen cabinet members for the President with the Secretary of State being John Kerry.

What cabinet has 435 members the senate house of representatives?

The US House of Representatives has 435 members.

Are cabinet members the leaders of the US House of Representatives?

No. Cabinet Members are appointed by the sitting President to serve in the Executive Branch of government. The US House of Representatives is part of the Legislative branch, and the House leaders are elected by members of that body.

Who nominates the members of the cabinet?

The President nominates the members of his cabinet.

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