What are the duties of a health prefect?

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2020-05-27 07:55:51

Make daily routine perfect like - proper sleep at least for 8 hours. never skip breakfast because it's important meal. Never eat too much always eat some food in 2 hours gap. Always eat healthy food in breakfast with high protein level. Eat lite food in the dinner.

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conner campbell
2020-05-15 23:40:39


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sakshi saxsena
2020-05-14 13:46:59

I think if you wanna be a health perfect kind of person so first of all think about your daily routines , daily activities,and then make a perfect plan for your day like started regular excercises, meditation, healthy food has low carbs, drink water as much you can and avoiding sweet dishes ,oily food .

That is all for a healthy and perfect person and it can change your mentally and physically life also.

I am sure if you do these activities in your daily routine it will definitly work and you feel mentally and physically strong and feel so fresh and happy . Just try this

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Nazmul Sarker
2020-05-02 19:08:09

low carb and Hight Protein take your body but that Protein make Schedule time.

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2012-02-23 01:22:06

To oversee the health and physical well being of the school

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2020-05-15 11:32:43

How about you look up the Commandments for eating Kosher in the Bible? At the end of the Kosher Commandments the Bible states: If one sticks to this kosher diet, they will not get sick!

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2020-05-15 11:27:41

How about if you read the Bible? There are 613 Commandments that GOD did give first to Moses and in Mathew 5:17-20 Jesus tells us we are still Required to keep Obeying All 613 of the Commandments! Plus all the ones Jesus gave us from God!

There are the Commandments for eating kosher also. At the end of the kosher commandments the Bible states If we stick to this Kosher Diet we are Not going to become sick!

How about you pray to God about this?

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2020-04-24 13:45:35


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