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The 'duties' vary from state to state. You may want to search 'landlord tenant law in (state).' This will have a very specific outline...covering many topics. If you are under a lease, also make sure to read that carefully, as sometimes there are clauses in there that are not covered by the states mandates.

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Q: What are the duties of a landlord?
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Is the joint owner of the property you live in your landlord?

This is specified on your lease or rental agreement. If there is a co-owner and the original landlord is unable to fufill their duties the responsibility would fall on the other owner.

Can a landlord sue you?

The landlord certainly can.

Is Landlord or tenant responsible for scorpions?


Can a landlord obtain your salary information from your employer?

It is in violation of the landlord tenant act for a landlord or potential landlord to contact your employer and ask them to discuss their wages.

How do you use landlord in a sentence?

I have to pay rent to my Landlord

What actors and actresses appeared in The Landlord - 2011?

The cast of The Landlord - 2011 includes: Mike Akers as Landlord

What are managing agent duties?

The role of managing agent today requires a professional approach. A managing agent should have a know-how of landlord and tenant law, basic accountancy, safety regulations and construction.

What kind of insurance is the Landlord Property Insurance?

Landlord Property Insurance is insurance that a landlord should have on any properties that he or she owns. Landlord insurance will protect the landlord from any damage that may happen to the property as well as any liability claims that may be made against the Landlord.

If you rent from one landlord then he sells the house and you get a new landlord does the old landlord have to give you your security deposit back?

No. In the estoppel that your old landlord signs to the new landlord the security deposit is turned over to the new landlord, who keeps the deposit where it is now, or tells you where your deposit will be located.

What if the new landlord tells you to find the old landlord to get back security deposit?

A new landlord has to have received the security deposit from the old landlord during the process of the closure of the sale of the property. The new landlord is responsible for that security deposit.

What is the male word for landlord?

landlord = male landlady = female

Who is responsible for carpeting apartment floors- the tenant or the landlord?

The landlord

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