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What are the duties of an electrician?


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The duties of an electrician are to work in commercial industrial or residential settings. They usually install, repair, and maintain electrical systems.

AnswerA general electrician should be able to run conduit of all types, figure loads and wire sizes. Read blueprints and deduct the proper needs thereof. Use a variety of hand and power tools. Make good decisions with out all the information one needs, meaning to be a good guesser. A service electrician will need to be able to do all of this and more. They also have to be able to reverse engineer entire electrical systems in order to trouble shoot said system.

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A licensed electrician obviously has a license. You must have a license to be an electrician.

Residential Electrician Exam (Certified Electrician for Residential Only) Journeyman Electrician Exam (For Residental and Commercial) Master Electrician Exam (For Residental and Commercial)

As long as there is a demand for an electrician.

An electrician should be licensed. An electrician should have experience. An electrician should be able to provide references upon request. Make sure you are comfortable with the electrician before hiring him or her.

1) The electrician came to my house and fixed the fridge . 2) The electrician tried to fix the Television but eventually failed . 3) The electrician came to my house 4) The electrician fixed my lift . These are few sentences on electrician , Hope this helped =)

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By becoming a qualified and recognised electrician

There is no gender limitation on being an electrician.

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A profession is basically you trade; so, if you were a electrician, your profession is an electrician, and you are a professional electrician.

An electrician should get a liscense. Also they should study under a master electrician.

There are different types of electricians, for different types of jobs. One is the residential electrician, a commercial electrician, and a master electrician.

a Master Electrician is the person who has the educational and practical experience to perform electrical work according to NEC "National Electric Code". although others like a journeyman can perform those duties, the master electrician hold more education and able to certify electrical work.where and electrical contractor is a company which is licenced to obtain and perform electrical contracts. whoever, and electrical contractor can't perform have their licence without a master electrician being on board. in other words, an electrical contractor must maintain a valid master electrician and it own contracting licensesome states allow a person to be a contractor using his own SSN, in this case a master electrician could be also the contractor.

An electrician that works in a domestic dwelling , a house or home

The electrician fixed the problem, the lights are back.

Electrician is a pronoun, and therefore cannot have a an antonym or synonym.

Washington State EL02 residential specialty electrician.

the electrician helped wire up the house.

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