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There are five: Retrenchment, Unemployment, Economic Depression, Rise in levels of poverty and Decline in welfare of society.

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Q: What are the economic consequences of market failure?
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What is economic failure?

Economic failure, or most commonly known as market failure, happens when the services offered by the market are not efficient enough to sustain the demands of the population. Economic failure is often caused by non-competitive markets, public goods themselves, and principal-agent problems.

What is economic consequences?

the consequences of the economic problem

What economic problems did the new government face with Jefferson and hamilton?

It Has To Do With Market Failure, (ETC)

What is market failure and how does it affect the economy?

Market failure occurs when there is a mis-allocation of resources that leads to a loss in welfare for the society. Market failure may not necessary harm the economic growth (examples include cigarette) but most of the time, it harms economic development (due to the loss in welfare.) and ultimately costs the consumers as the whole.

How market and government failure in Tanzania provide a rationale for designing an economic policy?

to solve working job

When was The Economic Consequences of the Peace created?

The Economic Consequences of the Peace was created in 1919.

Was the current economic dilemma created by market or government failure?

it was neither, it was becauses of somthing going on in wall street

What is the paradox of economic freedom?

The Paradox of Economic Freedom in the market system is shown in the way that although something is a free market, when something is out of the ordinary it puts into motion things that re-balance the market and bring things back to normal. You are able to do what you want, but if what you do isn't what the market wants or doesn't follow its rules, you get economic failure.

Consequences of World War 1?

economic consequences

Achievements and failure of economic planning in India?

ACHIEVEMENT AND FAILURE of economic planning in india?

What are the relationships between market failure and externality?

externality is a type of market failure

What is meant by 'Market Failure'?

Market failure exists when the market equilibrium does not equal the socially optimal point.

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