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What are the economic reasons slavery was started?

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One of the most important inventions in American history, was the cotton gin which made taking seeds out of cotton 50 times more effective than by hand. Thus, slaves were "needed" by the south to pick the cotton to fit the fast pace of the cotton gin. In fact, right before the cotton gin's invention, slavery was on the decline. Cotton in the south of the united states became a one crop economy, as 50% of all the exports of the United states, which was unheard of.

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What were the reasons on why slavery started worldwide?

Economic reasons.

Why do they have slavery?

Normally for economic reasons

What were the reasons for slavery in America?

slavery in the Americas started when the Europeans came over and they started to enslave the native people

Was one of the reasons the war started because of economic reasons?

yes its also for land and taxation

Why did people migrate in the 13 colonies?

There were a number of reasons including economic opportunity, religious freedom and slavery.

What events caused the American Civil War?

There were several reasons the American Civil War started. Some include the issue of slavery, the economic differences between the North and South, and the election of Abraham Lincoln.

What were the economic and religious reasons that the south thought it was okay and the north did not?

Slavery was a big issue between the north and the south.

What were the main reasons for the civil war?

There were several reasons for the Civil War. Some included economic difference between the North and South, state and federal rights, slavery, and the election of Abraham Lincoln.

Was Jamestown established for religious or economic reasons?

Jamestown was primarily established for economic reasons, not religious reasons.

Where did slavery started?

slavery started in ancient times, probably as early as the stone age

Who were the abolitionists in slavery?

They were people who were against slavery for various reasons.

How old was George Washington when slavery started?

George Washington wasn't born yet when slavery started. Slavery started in the American colonies in 1620 and George was born in 1732. Slavery in general has existed for millennia.

Why were some people against slavery give some reasons why people were against slavery?

Why are some people against slavery give some reasons and explain

What was slavery used for?

For economic advantage.

The civil war started on the issue of slavery?

Yes, the civil war was started on the issue of slavery.

Was the civil war necessary?

A valid argument can be made that the Confederate States would not have been able to sustain their nation, that slavery would have failed for economic reasons, and that at some future time, the South would reuunite with the Union for economic reasons, there is always a peaceful solution to any conflict.

What are typically the reasons war are started?

Conflicts arise due to religeous, territorial or economic reasons. The truth is that it is the men that do the fighting. The whys & wherefores are just too numerous to begin..............

Was North Carolina established for religion or economic reasons?

North Carolina was established for economic reasons.

What were david wilmot's beliefs regarding race and slavery?

He believed slavery was an embarrasment to the United States and that it should be contained and eventually abolished. But his antislavery beliefs were simply fueled by economic and political reasons. He had no interest in equality or black rights.

When did the whole idea of slavery start?

the whole idea of slavery started iun 1619. it started in 1619

The Northern and Southern positions regarding slavery were primarily influenced by?

the economic impact of slavery.the enconimc effect on slavery.

When did jamaica's slavery finish?

jamaias slavery started in88888

Was Abraham Lincoln really for or against slavery?

Of course he was against slavery! He was one of the reasons they ended slavery.

When did slavery started in America?

it started in 1619

What were northerners called who did not agree with slavery why were they?

They were called abolitionists. They were opposed for economic reasons. They didn't agree with it because they didn't think they could compete for jobs with free labor.