Deforestation and Habitat Loss

What are the effect of dams on forest?

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The permanent inundation is one of the effects of the dams on the forests. Big dams are usually built in a large piece of land which means the clearing of a forest.

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What are the impact of construction of large dams?

Dams destroy Ecosystems . The consturction of Dams causes people to get displaced .The forest are destroyed too . Dams are helpful but they spoil our environment

How does dams effects the forest?

While building dams whole forests of that particular area are flooded and the whole forests get destroyed.

How is silting of rivers and dams an effect of deforestation?

Removing the forest vegetation increases soil erosion. That soil is washed out into waterways when it rains, increasing the particulate matter in waterways.

What can people do if the dams effect them?

run away.

What is the effect of builosing river dams on coastal regions?

The effect of building river dams on the coastal regions is that they will be able to help control the effects of caused by flooding.

Dams-types of dams and utilities of dams?

Arch damsEarth damsGravity damsRockfill damsButtress dams

Do the animals that live around dams and powerhouses effect the water turbines?


Is a diseased forest a effect of acid rain?

no it is effect

How forest effect agriculture?

if forest are not there agriculture will not take place.

What are disastrous effects of forest denudation?


What are the cons of hyrdoelectricity?

-requires alot of space to build dams -dams have chances of breaking, which can cause severe effects on environment, economy, humans -takes a while to build dams -droughts and natural disasters can effect power plants thats about it

How many different types of dams are there?

Arch damsEarth damsGravity damsRockfill damsButtress dams

What effect do moraines have on a physical landscape?

They act like dams or form long ridges of land.

What are the different types of dams?

The various types of dams are:Gravity DamsEarth DamsRockfill DamsArch DamsButtress DamsSteel DamsTimber DamsRubber DamsOn the basis of functions of dam, it can be classified as:StorageDiversionDetentionDebrisCofferReference:

What is the effect of Dams on ecosystem?

Dams stop the natural flow of a river/water body to disturb the ecosystem with loss of flora and fauna and vast tracts of land on which bio life depends.

What has the author H A Morrison written?

H. A. Morrison has written: 'The applicability of various frameworks and models for assessing the effects of hydropeaking on the productivity of aquatic ecosystems' -- subject(s): Aquatic organisms, Dams, Effect of dams on, Effect of habitat modification on, Environmental aspects, Environmental aspects of Dams, Environmental aspects of Hydroelectric power plants, Fishes, Hydroelectric power plants

What is the effect of forest fire?

eternal happiness

Is deforestation a positive or negative effect?

It is a negative effect. The loss of trees in the forest, therefore the loss of forest can result in erosion, loss of habitat, etc.

What effect does deforestation have on forest resources?

Deforestation has a direct negative effect on forest resources. This is because deforestation can kill many organisms including medicinal plants.

What are positive dams?


How does a flood effect humans?

The water would get into our homes and damage would exspensive to fix that's why we have dams to prevent it.

What are the good and bad effects of building dams to run hydroeletric power plants?

the good effect is it saves water

Good effect of lion to people?

they are can protect the forest..

What effect do forest fires have on the Ceanothus shrubs?


What effect does temperate deciduous forest have on the ecosystem?