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The permanent inundation is one of the effects of the dams on the forests. Big dams are usually built in a large piece of land which means the clearing of a forest.

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Q: What are the effect of dams on forest?
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What are the impact of construction of large dams?

Dams destroy Ecosystems . The consturction of Dams causes people to get displaced .The forest are destroyed too . Dams are helpful but they spoil our environment

What can people do if the dams effect them?

run away.

How does dams effects the forest?

While building dams whole forests of that particular area are flooded and the whole forests get destroyed.

How is silting of rivers and dams an effect of deforestation?

Removing the forest vegetation increases soil erosion. That soil is washed out into waterways when it rains, increasing the particulate matter in waterways.

What is the effect of builosing river dams on coastal regions?

The effect of building river dams on the coastal regions is that they will be able to help control the effects of caused by flooding.

Which change is an environmental effect of building dams?


Do the animals that live around dams and powerhouses effect the water turbines?


Is a diseased forest a effect of acid rain?

no it is effect

How forest effect agriculture?

if forest are not there agriculture will not take place.

What effect do moraines have on physical?

They act like dams or form long ridges of land.

What are disastrous effects of forest denudation?


What are the cons of hyrdoelectricity?

-requires alot of space to build dams -dams have chances of breaking, which can cause severe effects on environment, economy, humans -takes a while to build dams -droughts and natural disasters can effect power plants thats about it

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