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What are the effect of the hair structure Permanent colour?


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The effects of permanent colour -stage 1 The permanent colour is mixed with hydrogen peroxide. small The strength of colourless hydrogen peroxide molecules used varies mixed with oxidant depending on the penetrate desired result the cuticle, (10, 20, 30 or 40 into the cortex volume). When mixed with hydrogen peroxide, the small colourless molecules penetrate the hair cuticle and the hair

  • 6. The effects of permanent colour -stage 2 The hydrogen peroxide begins to break down small into water and oxygen. colourles s The oxygen from the molecule hydrogen peroxide joins s mixed together with and with oxidises the small oxidant colourless molecules. penetrate The oxidised molecules the swell to form cuticle, in large, colour molecules. to the cortex small The large colour molecule molecules are unable to s swell pass back through the and hair cuticle and become become trapped within the hair larger cortex. due to the nascent oxygen