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They should be about the same the nausaeu and possible vomitting breast tenderness and the possible discharge or light bleeding between periods if theres anything else or something that is really bothersome to you you might want seek the advice of your ob

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What does birth control contain?

The typical birth control pill contains both estrogen and progestin. Some birth control pills contain only progestin.

What are birth control pills?

It is a contraceptive in the form of a pill containing estrogen and progestin to inhibit ovulation and so prevent conception (pregnancy). The estrogen and progestin prevent pregnancy by suppressing your pituitary gland, which stops the development and release of the egg in the ovary, called ovulation. The progestin also helps to prevent the sperm from reaching the egg and changes the lining of the uterus.

What is a mini pill?

A mini pill only contains Progestin while the regular birth control pills contain Estrogen and Progestin.

Do birth control pills consist of testosterone?

No they consist of progestin and, in some cases, estrogen.

Why is estrogen an effective birth control pill?

Progestins, or artificial progesterones, are used in birth control pills to prevent pregnancy. Estrogen alone is not used in any birth control pill, but only in combination with progestin.

Is endocrine in birth control?

Endocrine is a medical term meaning relating to glands that make hormones. Estrogen and progestin are in the most common kinds of birth control pills; some others contain only progestin.

What do oral contraceptives contain?

Oral contraceptives and other hormonal contraceptives have two main components are Progestin and Estrogen, although there are birth control pills that that contain only Progestin.

What are Examples of birth control methods that contain estrogen?

Combined hormonal birth control methods -- those that contain estrogen -- include the regular birth control pill (but not the minipill or progestin-only pill), the ring, and the patch.

What is the difference between Depo-Provera and the birth control pill?

Depo Provera is an injectible contraceptive without estrogen. The birth control pill typically contains both estrogen and progestin, and is oral.

What is the minimum amount of oestrogen to prevent pregnancy?

Estrogen actually isn't the primary ingredient for pregnancy prevention; it's the progestin. That's why there are no estrogen-only birth control methods.

How much estrogen in depoprovera birth control shot?

There is no estrogen in Depo Provera. It contains only progestin. The 3-month shot contains 150 mg of depot-medroxyprogesterone.

What does COC birth control?

In terms of birth control, COC refers to combined oral contraceptives, meaning the typical birth control pill that contains both estrogen and progestin.

Is yaz a combination pill?

Yes, Yaz is a combination birth control pill. It contains both artificial estrogen and artificial progestin.

What are the different types of hormonal birth control?

There are two basic types of hormonal birth cotnrol. One type includes both estrogen and progestin. These combined hormonal methods includ the combination birth control pill (the usual kind of pill), the patch, and the ring. Progestin-only methods of hormonal birth control pill contain no estrogen. These include Depo Provera, the progestin-only pill, the contraceptive implant, and the hormonal IUDs like Mirena and Skyla.

What hormones are found in birth control pills?

All contraceptive pills contain a progestin, an artificial progesterone. Most also contain an estrogen.

What is cerazette?

Cerazette is a progestin-only birth control pill.Cerazette is an estrogen-free, progestogen-only oral contraceptive pill (BCP).

Is there a birth control pill for women with leiden factor V?

Simply put. No. If you have Factor V Leiden, you are contraindicated for taking any it birth control, estrogen therapy or hormone therapy. As far as progestin only doctors have told me no for that as well.

How does the ales birth control pill works?

Alesse works as any other combination birth control pill. A combination of progestin and estrogen prevents ovulation when nthe pill is taken daily.

Are there birth control pills that contain only progestin?

Some pills contain only progestin

Yaz birth control facts?

it contains estrogen and is known for causing serious side effects in some casesit is involved in lawsuits for misleading advertisements and unmentioned side effects

Can yaz prevent pregnancy?

Yes, Yaz is the brand name of a ethinyl estradiol-ethynodiol birth control pill. Yaz is a combination estrogen-progestin pill that prevents pregnancy by prohibiting ovulation.

Do birth control pills contain progestin?


How late can you take a birth control pill?

If you are on the combination birth control pill, containing both estrogen and progestin, it's not critical that you take the pill at the same time each day. In contrast, if you are taking the progestin-only pill, or minipill, you should use a back up method of birth control (like condoms or abstinence from vaginal sex) if you are late by more than three hours. If you're not sure which type you're taking, contact your pharmacist or health care providfer to clarify. See related link for evidence-based information on "how late is too late."

What is the primary hormone in birth control pills?

All birth control pills contain an artificial progestin, which provides most of the contraceptive effect. The progestin thickens cervical mucus to help block sperm from getting to the egg; inhibits ovulation; affects the sperm to make fertilization difficult; and affects the tubes to make it harder for sperm to get to the egg. Combination birth control pills also contain estrogen, which helps control bleeding and has some impact on ovulation as well.

Do birth control pills have an estrogen blocker?

No, they have artificial estrogen.