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What are the effects for rabies?

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An ugly disease. Progressive paralysis, foaming at the mouth, hydrophobia, seizures and death. The disease is 100% fatal IF immunization is not accomplished before the incubation period.

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Do hamsters get sick from rabies?

yes, rabies effects mammals so it is possible for a hamster to get rabies.

What are the harmful effects of a cat?


What are the short term effects of rabies?

Fever, headache, weakness, insomnia, anxiety, confusion, and partial paralysis are the short-term effects of rabies.

What are the effects of rabies?

The effects rabies can have on your body can almost certainly lead to death. Although it will make you froth at the mouth and be very ferocious and unpredictable, although these are no certainties in my opinion don't go near an animal with rabies.

Can a person given anti-rabies have effects if the dog has no rabies?

yes. because when they give them shots , they just give alittle of the rabies first.

How rabies effects to your body?

when you get bit it will cause swellen

Does a virus exist that effects humans similar to the way rabies effects animals?

Rabies can infect humans if the human is bitten by a rabid animal. --It infects humans, but it does NOT effect them the same way it effects animals. Not an answer to the question.

What are the long term effects of rabies?

If you don't get a shot after being exposed then you can get rabies and once you have them there is no cure and you eventually die.

Can a person given anti rabies have effects if the dog has no rabies?

Yes. A Person can have a reaction to the Rabies Shots that are given to counter the Rabies Virus. Just as a person can have a reaction to any medication. However, if the dog was found to not have Rabies then the reaction will not have anything to do with the person having/getting rabies.

Are there beneficial effects of acquiring a rabies infection naturally?

No. If proper treatment is not administered before symptoms show, rabies has a near 100% mortality rate.

What reaction can a dog have because of an overdoes of rabies vaccine?

Immediately following the shot for rabies dogs can vomit, develop a fever, loss consciousness, or even die. Other side effects from rabies vaccine are facial swelling and circulatory shock.

If your dog got an expired rabies shot and needs another are there any side effects?

I just took my dog in for his 3 year rabies shot and there was no side effect. None.

Does rabies make animals thirsty?

The other name for rabies in hydrophobia (fear of water). The affected animal is not afraid of water, it cannot drink due to the late effects of the disease process.

Rabies short term effects on the body?

It causes odd behaviors, delirium, combativeness, loss of muscle function, muscle spasms, drooling, convulsions, and pain. There is no short term effects of rabies. It isn't until the virus reaches the central nervous system that the effects listed above occur. See link below for more information:

Where do cats get rabies?

Cats get rabies from other animals that have rabies. Rabies IS VERY DANGEROUS!!!!

Can rabies be caused by dog bite if the dog is not injected by anti-rabies?

Rabies can only occur if your dog is not vaccinated against rabies and if the dog that bit your dog has rabies. If it does not have rabies then your dog will not have rabies. But if you're still in doubt, see your Veterinarian.

What does the word rabid mean?

Rabid means that you(or something else) have rabies. Rabies is a viral disease that effects most warm blooded animals, like wolves, cats, and dogs. It attacks the central nervous system and is transmitted by the saliva or bite of an infected animal. (for example: bats carry rabies)

What is the agent for rabies?

Rabies virus is the causative agent for rabies.

Can pigs and ducks get rabies?

Pigs can get rabies. Ducks do not get rabies.

If you get the rabies vaccine and you dont have rabies is it dangerous?

NO. The rabies vaccine is to protect your animal from getting rabies. In fact, the rabies vaccine is required in most states.

Do wolves have rabies?

They can have rabies

What type of microorganism produce the rabies?

Rabies is caused by rabies virus.

What are the effects of getting bit by a mouse?

There a number of possible effects of getting bitten by a mouse. The most common ones include tetanus, rabies, rat-bite fever and many more.

Does a rabies shot protect a dog from getting rabies?

Yes, that is the whole purpose of a rabies shot. It will not cure rabies. If rabies is suspected, a veterinarian must be consulted immediately.

What is the singular form of rabies?

The word 'rabies' is an uncountable noun, similar to measles, diabetes, arthritis, etc. The noun 'rabies' is expressed as a case of rabies or cases of rabies.

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