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The effects of diastrophism are so many on the surface of the earth and include formation of mountains, plateaus and may cause tremors and earthquakes.

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What is the effects of diastrophism?

aba ewan ko sayo

Is diastrophism considered an internal geomorphic process?

No. Diastrophism can be termed a geomorphic process on the earth's surface

What causes faulting?


What are the causes of diastrophism?


What is diastrophism?

Diastrophism is the general term for faulting and folding within the crust, the deformation and movement of the solid rocks of the Earth.

Causes of diastrophism?

its is cause of earthquakes

What are the kinds of diastrophism?

kinds of distrophsm

What are the effect of the diastrophism?

folding and faulting

What is diatropism?

The word diastrophism is a noun. When plants and their parts place themselves at right angles in response to a stimulus, such as sunlight, this is called diastrophism.

What is theory of diastrophism?

theory of diASTROPHISMare:Isostacy's theorycontraction theoryconvection theorycontinental drift theoryexpansion theory

What is contraction theory of diastrophism?

The contraction theory of diastrophism is that Earth is shrinking. The Earth cooling and the pressure is causing it to buckle and bend into a smaller volume.

What is an example sentence using the word diastrophism?

He is diastrophic

Is diastrophism one of theories how the Philippines is made?


Movements in the crust that cause the faulting or folding or rocks is called?


What do you call the type of earth movement in which part of the crust rises?


What is the smallest pacific island?

it's not answerable. how could you know that with diastrophism working every time

What is distrophism?

Do you mean 'diastrophism'. If so, it refers to the deformation of the Earth's crust, especially folding and faulting

What is the theory of diastrophism?

Diastrophism involves the movements of the earth's tectonic plates. Many theories about what causes these movements include pressure via the heat of convection currents and magma flow, while real, measurable causes involve things like meteor impacts or erosion from landslides.

Which forces come from inside the Earth and cause sudden changes to its surface?

Gravitational force Tectonic force Diastrophism

What five processes act upon rocks to change them?


What is a diastrophic plateau?

The large-scale deformation of the earth's crust which produces continents, ocean basins and mountains ranges, etc., is known as diastrophism. All the highest plateaus of the earth are the direct products of diastrophism. Since their uplifts they have been modified by various agents of erosion and in many cases by volcanism and minor earth movements.

Deformation of the earths crust is called?

Tectonism, or diastrophism, is the term that refers to the deformation of Earth's crust. Plate tectonics is just the theory.

What are the five theories of diastrophism?

Isostacy TheoryConstruction TheoryConvection TheoryContinental Drift(I don't know the other pne.)

Different theories of diastrophism?

the theories of diastrophisms are the Isostacy's theory, contraction theory, convection theory, continental drift theory and the expansion theory.

What are the theories of diastrophism?

*theory of isostacy *contraction theory *convection theory *continental drift theory *expansion theory/spreading the ocean floor