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The Answer Is A Large Rock Splashes Into The Ocean And Over Flows The River The The Flooding Stops By Eroding The Rock

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What are the beneficial effects of flooding?

There are only a few beneficial effects of flooding. Flooding will hydrate areas that are normally pretty dry for example.

What effects causes flooding?


What are the effects of flooding in London?

No people

What are short term and long term effects of a flood?

Short term effects of flooding include: People drowning homes destroyed Communication links being broken Long term effects of flooding include: job losses Water base diseases being spread Short term effects of flooding mean what happened immediately after flooding or during the flood. Long term effects of flooding mean how were people effected months after the flood.

What are the effects of a monsoon?

Monsoons can cause flooding.

What were the immediate effects on hurricane Katrina?


How does river flooding depositing rich soil affect Egypt?

It effects egypt bc it is flooding there towns

What can be done to reduce flooding and minimise the effects of flooding?

plantation of trees must be done to reduce the impact.

What were the economic effects in Bangladesh flooding 1998?


What are the primary and secondary effects in flooding in Cornwall?

floodinggg :D

What are three ecological side effects of constructing a dam?


What are the economic effects of flooding in South Africa?

The economic effects of flooding, especially in regions which do not plan for it, are severe damage to the environment, loss of crops and machinery, and resettlement of soils necessary to future growth.

What is one of the effects of a hurricane that may cause flooding?

tidal waves

What are some major effects on global climate?

flooding , tsunami's , hurricanes and tornadoes

Effects disasters have on the biosphere?

Forest Fires Volcanoes Strong winds flooding

What are major effects of heavy rains on human settlement in west Bengal?

Severe flooding.

What effects does rain have?

blooms flowers and plants if its down pouring for a lon time, FLOODING.

Why are the effects of acid rain important?

Because when it rain and flooding it really absorbed by the ground,

What are the possible effects of the oversupply or undersupply in water?

Drought or flooding would seem to be indicated.

What were the long-terms effects of the flooding in Mozambique?

Environment destroyed as well as homes...

What are the bad effects of soil erosion?

The bad effects of soil erosion are: loss of productive land, loss of topsoil, and increased risk of flooding.

What is the effect of flooding to the environment?

This answer is opinion based, but the flooding is something that occurs naturally and the world has been living around it for a very long time. Flooding effects a lot of wild life and peoples homes, but over all, flooding is natural and we have to take appreciation of water into account because with out it we wouldn't even be here at all. I support flooding.

What are long term effects on blizzards?

Freezing of pipes, flooding, roof damage, and the blockage of power

Describe the beneficial effects that flooding can have on a flood plain?

In some cases, it deposits fertile topsoil.

Why the effects of flooding in Bangladesh are worse than in the UK?

because Bangladesh is closer to the sea or ocean.

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