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What are the effects of global warming on the environment?



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Global warming and climate change alters earth's normal doings, thereby affecting its weather patterns and changing the conditions of its various spheres.

Possible effects of global warming include;

  • drought,
  • violent and severe storms,
  • frequent flooding due to ice meltdown,
  • loss of organisms natural habitats,
  • torrential/heavy rainfall,
  • rapid spread of disease,
  • competition for survival between animals and human,
  • water pollution and decrease in ocean salinity,
  • new species invasion,
  • migration and climate refugees, and
  • triggering of man-made disasters.

Hurricane levels are slight down in volume and showing slightly stronger in intensity. From the standpoint of the poles, although the Antarctic is gaining in overall ice extent on the east side, it continues losing ice in total volume. The North pole has seen significant loss.

In many areas droughts are more severe than would be otherwise, leading to increased danger of fire or crop failure. Ocean levels, of course, continue to rise. This has not yet resulted in substantial coastal flooding, but the rate is projected to increase.

Extinctions are expected to continue, with climate factors gaining on and exacerbating habitat loss. Plant and animal ranges are expected to shift to higher latitudes, some of which has already been observed.