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Q: What are the effects of opium on a fetus?
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What were the causes and effects of the opium war?

Because Medication and Drugs, Illegal Drugs, they were causes and effects of the opium war.

What are the effects of eating opium?

You die.

What effects did the Opium War have on China?

The Opium wars ruined the Chinese functioning society

What was the Social effects of opium war?


What are some effects of chemotherapy on a developing fetus?

The effects of chemotherapy can range between complications in development of a fetus including stunted growth or abnormal growth in the fetus. Chemotherapy can also cause a miscarriage.

What are the Side effects of ozone therapy to the fetus?


What are the side effects of smoking opium?

It makes you hallicunate,and its very addicting

What was the effects of the opium war?

it equals you dying oh and no rice for you tonight

What are narcotic medications?

Narcotics are opium derivatives and synthetic compounds that mimic the effects of opium derived drugs, such as Demerol (meperidine) and Methadone (dolphine).

What is the adverse effects of gyneacosid and menstrogen on the fetus?

These could be fatal for fetus. Never use such drugs without a medical prescription.

Is opium a depressant hallucinogen or stimulant?

Opium is a depressant in all senses of the word. Opium is such a strong depressant if given to someone with low respiration or BP it will kill them. But opium contains many psychoactive chemicals, including thebaine, a chemical with stimulant like effects.

Will methane gas hurt a fetus?

In large enough quantities any external problem that effects the Mother would also effect the Fetus.

Does stress affect a fetus?

dont see why not, stress effects everything in your body

How is opium bad?

The use of opium (ingestion, inhalation of opium smoke, etc) makes you lethargic, the alkaloids in opium have harmful effects including: lung edema, respiratory difficulties, coma, or cardiac or respiratory collapse, with a normal lethal dose of the amount found in approximately two grams of opium. Opium is addictive and tolerance is acquired so that greater and greater doses are needed to achieve an effect. It is an illegal substance and getting opium entails many risks that should be avoided.

What are the harmful effects of teratogens to the fetus?

Teratogens can result in several physical defects to the foetus

What trimester is the fetus most susceptible to the detrimental effects of alcohol on development?

the first trimester

What effects does alcohol have on the fetus?

go to mayoclinic look up fetal alcohol syndrome

What causes pregnant women to drink alcohol?

Addiction, or ignorance of the effects on the fetus, or both.

How long does opium's effects last?

2-3 hours depending on how much smoked and body weight.

Can bacterial vaginosis affect a fetus?

Bacterial vaginosis is associated with increased risk of preterm labor or rupture of the membranes. It is not known to have any other direct effects to the fetus.

What are some effects from smoking opium?

Smoking opium can help alleviate pain, and is also used for recreational purposes. However it can cause serious adverse effects on an individual. The most severe being heart complications. It can also cause sexual dysfunction, sleep disturbances and constipation

What effects can crack cocaine have on an unborn fetus?

I don't think you should even attept to find out..

Can a woman get pregnant if she is a heavy drinker?

Yes, but it's not recommended due to the effects of alcohol on a fetus.

What are the effects of magic shrooms on a 7 week old fetus?

im pretty sure its death

What effects does lead paint have on a fetus?

Slows the development of all vital organs especially the brain.