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What are the effects of smoking weed while on Strattera?

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Strattera is a tested treatment for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder - marihauna (weed-lol) could undue or change the intended effect of Strattera, that of improved attention and concentration. The effects of using the 2 together cannot be predicted, will depend on many factors, and will never be scientifically tested.

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What are the side effects of mixing Strattera and cocaine?

AnswerSince Strattera is not a stimulant like Ritalin or Adderal (Strattera is a Selective Neurotonin Reputake Inhibitor), I don't think there would be any life threatening effects. I've personal combined the two and I felt that the cocaine's effects may have been slightly muted by the Strattera, or it could have just been mediocre blow. None the less, I am not a doctor, and I would suggest that you read more into the subject.I suggest waiting until you have been on the medication for a while because I had a near death experience by smoking WEED in the first month of taking Strattera, seriously almost went to the hospital. Also, i got the weed from a cannabis club so it was definitely legit. I did cocaine when i was on a low dose of strattera and it was fine but after the weed incident I don't trust it on the higher dose...

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