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What are the effects on a family if their newborn baby has Down syndrome?


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July 15, 2008 12:59PM

There should be no effects, really. The parents just have to love and care for the baby just a if he/she was a normal child. He/she shouldn't really be treated differently. A: Frequently, the family reacts very negatively to the appearance of a Down's child. Most families don't have a keen sense of the myriad of developmental disorders a kid can be bron with -- many far more greivous than Down's -- and they tend to overreact. There's also a tendency to seek blame. This is not only a negative, but also rather futile, as the causes of Down Syndrome are many. Best to say it's no-one's fault. This is rather a shame, in that Down's kids are a delight to work with and actually can do quite well in life, handling school and, later, employment quite successfully. I think the best cure for the confusion a family with a newborm Downs kid feels is education. And then a gentle coming-to-terms with a situation that. while not ideal, is not the end of the world, is called for.