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Probably yes to both.

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Q: What are the electrical connections going into the rear wheel cradle on a 94 Beretta Is this speed sensors or something to do with ABS?
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What is an electric power sensor?

Electrical power sensors are used to measure characteristics of electric power such as voltage, current, power, and potential degradation of insulation due to age. For AC circuits, an electric power sensor can also be used to measure power quality. Some electrical power sensors are incorporated into transformers or other components of the power distribution grid. Others are added to existing systems. Typically, these electrical power sensors measure one or more physical characteristics and convert them to electrical signals. Basic electric power sensor categories include electrical capacitance sensors, electrical frequency sensors, electrical resistance sensors, and electrical conductance sensors.

Where is the shock sensor on a 1999 Chevy s10?

Shock sensors for the air bag deployment? In front of the vehicle, under the radiator support. There are two of them and the electrical connections are yellow in color.

What are the differant types of smart sensors?

The different types of smart sensors include pressure sensors, electrical conductivity sensors, dissolved oxygen sensors, turbidity sensors, pH sensors, temperature sensors and ORP sensors.

What would cause your car to sputter after changing the radiator and serpentine belt?

Coolant may have leaked into an electrical connection while disconnecting the hoses. Check the sensors located on the front of the engine and make sure that all electrical connections are dry.

What are the five pins on the side sliding door for on the Windstar?

they are electrical connections for the stereo speaker and door lock.AnswerSee "Related Questions" for in-depth discussion on rear lift-gate sensors

What are electrical impulse sensors called?


How many type of sensor?

Sensors are transducers basically convert non electrical quantity to electrical quantity. Sensor may be classified as Piezoelectric sensors Thermoelectric Sensors Capacitive Sensors Inductive Sensors etc. Sensor can not produce adequate level of power so they can directly fed to amplifier hence need a processing amplifier.

What are iris sensors?

Interferometric Reflectance Imaging Sensors are a type of sensor that converts a biological response into an electrical signal.

How many oxygen sensors does a 1992 Chevy beretta GT 3.1 have?

It has 1 O2 sensor on the exhaust manifold behind the engine

What do you do if your Mercedes e class abs pump keeps cutting in?

Check the connections on the wheel sensors.

What is IR1 and IR2 connections for?

Infrared. They are for infrared sensors and similar devices. Most people will not utilize them.

What would cause your all wheel drive to quit working on your 99 bravada?

If the all wheel drive stops working on a 1999 Bravada, there could be something wrong with the electrical sensors. There may also be a problem with some of the electrical wiring.

Where are the ABS sensor and wire connections on a 1986 Pontiac 6000 STE?

The connections for the sensors? or where the sensors connect to the computer? If the sensors plugs are what you are after, then the rear sensor plugs are in the trunk, under the carpet (that where they are on mine). The front sensors are on top of the strut towers under the hood. If you are talking about where the sensors plug into the computer at, the computer is located right next to the brake booster itself. If you have a ABS light on, and the pump runs for the system runs to much, I suggest replacing the accumlator. You can get them at the GM dealer or from Prior Manufacturing.

Your abs and ets light on your e320 Mercedes came on why?

There could be something wrong with the ABS system and check the ABS sensors on all wheels. Also check the connections to the ABS unit and the traction control button.

What sensors does the mars Land Rover have?


What is the ECM on a 95-96 eagle talon esi?

ECM is the electronic control module. This runs and monitors the various electrical components and sensors for the engine. This may be located in the console behind the radio, but you will have to consult the particular car's manual for actual location, removal and reinstallation, which is really not that difficult. Electrical connections are at the rear of the unit.

What is an electronic sensors?

Electronic sensor is a device which is capable to sense the changes in environment and generate the output.The sensors are basically a transducer which convert non electrical quantity to electrical quantity. and the output of transducers are proceed further for proper operation.

Why would a 1989 Chevy Blazer not start after being washed?

Did you wash the engine or just the outside?????????????????? If you washed the engine and it was hot when you washed it, you possibly got water in one of the electrical connections. Never ever wash an engine with sensors when it is hot. The water turns to steam and the steam gets in the connections . You can wash a cold engine bay just try not to direct high pressure into areas like the computer and sensors. If all you did is wash the outside.....I do not have a clue what to tell you. You may just need to wait until things dry out

How many wheel speed sensors and vehicle speed sensors are on a 2000 F350 and location?

should only be one at the top of the pumpkin on the rear axle has an electrical connector on it.

Are 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee parts compatible with 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee?

some are yes but the sensors have different connections

What is a shield for Arduino and do I have to buy it if I already had an Arduino board?

A shield is essentially a "daughterboard" of a PCB that has pins to match the female pin headers on a standard format Arduino board. You build your circuits/connections of sensors (switches, light, sound, temperature sensors, etc.) and outputs (LED's, displays, etc.) on a shield as an efficient way to mate the inputs/output connections to an Arduino board. A shield is not required but is highly advised as a way to insure solid connections and organization of connections. For more information see:

Where is an O2 sensor?

Oxygen sensors are mounted on/in the exhaust manifold or the headpipe just AFTER the exhaust manifold. There shouldn't be any other electrical connections into the exhaust system in that area so that narrows it down for you. Some vehicles have a SECOND oxygen sensor after the catalytic converter, but those seldom fail.

Where is the oxygen sensors located on a 1993 beretta?

That depends on the engine, but they should all be either on the exhaust manifold collector or down the exhaust pipe a bit right after the exhaust manifold.

Where are the 2 crank sensors located on a 95 Beretta?

I have a 92 beretta with a 3.1 litre engine. Just changed crank sensor. Didn't know there were two of them. As far as I know there is only one. It's located on the rear of the engine. Bout a inch above the oil pan. Extremely hard to see.

What causes a Chrysler 300 to stall if all the sensors have been replaced and fuel pump also?

Another possibility is loose or corroded wiring connections.